How to keep your energy bill down this winter

kids with feet on heater

As it gets cooler you may find yourself tempted to turn on a heater - probably the quickest and easiest way to heat your home. But using a heater takes a lot of electricity and if you use it too often, a nasty surprise might arrive on your next energy bill.

With energy prices what they are and the cost of living crisis putting a strain on everyone's wallets, it’s important to do what you can to keep costs down where possible. 

Luckily, there are some more cost effective ways to stay warm this winter so that you don't use more energy than necessary.

Let’s get into them:

How to stay warm without a heater:

  • Close windows and blinds to trap heat inside 
  • Buy a draft stopper to prevent cold air from entering your home
  • Layer up in warm clothes and wear thick socks or slippers (check out the range of slippers at The Iconic)
  • Invest in warm blankets to keep you warm. (Amazon has a wide variety of affordable blankets)
  • Have a hot drink such as tea, milo or hot soup
  • Use a hot water bottle or microwavable heat pad at night instead of sleeping with a heater on
  • Use the stove or oven for cooking when possible to help heat your home.

Other tips to reduce energy usage in winter:

  • If you have to use a heater, don’t turn it up too high because this uses more electricity
  • Use cold water instead of warm in your washing machine
  • Use a clothes rack and dry your clothes outside when it’s warm enough
  • Switch off unused devices around your home
  • Compare energy plans to find out if you could be paying less by switching providers.

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