Who has the cheapest electricity plans in your state?

According to the results of Mozo’s 2017 Experts Choice Residential Electricity Awards, using the wrong energy provider is costing Aussie households thousands of dollars annually.

Mozo’s money experts compared 274 energy products across 27 providers across the country and found that the best value plans for each state with deregulated electricity markets varied dramatically, a timely reminder why it’s so important to shop around when comparing plans and energy retailers.  

“No matter where you live in the country right now, high energy prices are causing strain on family budgets,” said Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont. “We found the difference between the cheapest and most expensive plan in Victoria is over $2000 a year, which is massive.”

“It goes to show why things like our Experts Choice Awards, which cut through the marketing jargon are so important to help consumers make smarter choices,” she said.

State by state winners of Mozo Experts Choice Electricity Awards for 2017 include:

Globird: Easy Save and GloSave
Simply Energy: Simply Plus

New South Wales
Alinta Energy: Fair Deal 20
Dodo Power & Gas: Market Offer
PowerDirect: Market Offer

Queensland (South East)
Energy Australia: FlexiSaver

South Australia
PowerDirect: Market Offer
Origin Energy: Energy Maximiser

Mozo also compared solar friendly energy plans and GreenPower plans as part of the 2017 Experts Choice Awards, with for a full list of winners, head to the Experts Choice Electricity Awards hub.


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