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Best gas providers Victoria

Are rising gas bills a concern? Well, if you live in a state with a deregulated energy market, like Victoria, you can safeguard yourself against price rises by switching to a more competitive gas plan.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend hours going through all the energy providers on the Internet to find gas plans. Mozo’s service will take just a few minutes to help you compare individual gas plans as well as dual fuel services in your area to choose the perfect plan for your household. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you try using our energy comparison tool and find out for yourself!

Where is gas available in Victoria?

Gas services are available across Victoria. If you want to find out whether gas is available at your property you can make an online enquiry at the AustralianGas Networks website by providing your name, primary contact details and address.

Or, if you already have a gas meter at your property and would just like to compare some of the  gas plans in your area, you can use Mozo’s gas comparison tool to find out.

If you are looking for your options for electricity head to our Victoria electricity page.

Victorian gas providers, what are my choices?

Your choice of gas provider is based on where you live as different providers service different areas. Our service compares a range of gas providers that operate in Victoria including:

  • AGL
  • Alinta Energy
  • EnergyAustralia
  • Origin Energy
  • Dodo Power and Gas

While we do not compare every single plan on the market, we certainly try to compare a wide selection of the plans that are available if you sign up as a new customer.

If you want some real customer insight into any of these providers like whether they have accurate billing or if they have good customer service, head on over to our customer reviews section to read gas reviews. We’ve rounded up hundreds of gas reviews from real customers so you can have access to unbiased opinions before you make your final choice.

How much does gas cost in VIC?

The cost of your gas service is determined by several factors including where you live and of course, how much gas you consume.

On your gas bill you will find these two charges:

  • Supply charges: This is what you pay per day to have your gas service connected to your home.
  • Usage charges: These are based on how much gas you’ve used, charged per megajoule of usage.

What should I look for when comparing gas plans?

As well as usage and supply charges, you should consider a number of other features when choosing the right gas plan for your household.

Some features to keep top of mind include:

  • Sign up deals: You won’t have to look hard to find a gas provider offering $50 off your first gas bill when you sign up. While you may think you’re getting an awesome deal, you could be signing up to a plan that will cost you $100 more a quarter than the cheapest gas plan available in your area. To avoid this, it’s important that you first compare plans based on price and then look for the most attractive ‘special’ offer.
  • Discounts: Who doesn’t love a good discount? Many gas providers in Victoria offer generous discounts when you make your payment on time or agree to pay your bill via direct debit. Work out which deal works out best for you because you don’t want to be stuck paying higher prices just because you can’t fulfil the required conditions for the discount over time. For instance, if you can’t maintain sufficient balance in your account at the time of billing, a direct debit option may not be the best for you.
  • Fixed term contracts: Some gas plans get you better tariffs when you fix your contract for a longer duration. Like any other offer, remember to weigh out the pros and cons with this one as well. It could be a good option if you are going to stay at this property for the entire length of time. But if you are a renter and might need to move soon, you could end up with a termination fee for breaking the contract.

Other Gas FAQs

Should I bundle my gas services with my electricity provider?

There are a number of energy providers in VIC that allow you to package your electricity and gas services. Opting for a dual energy plan does have its advantages, for instance, you have the convenience of only dealing with one supplier and some energy providers also offer a discount when you purchase both services from them. However, it may not necessarily be your cheapest option, so be sure to compare dual fuel packages as well as single service plans if you’re after a budget-friendly energy plan for your household.

Are there ways to reduce my gas bill?

Yes, you can reduce your gas bill in two ways. The first way is to cut back on how much gas you use. If you’re scratching your head for ways to lower your gas consumption especially during the winter months, swing by our energy savings tips hub or you can check out our article here on Top (wallet friendly) ways to heat your home this winter.

The second way to slash the size of your energy bill is to switch providers. If you’ve been with your gas supplier for a while, it’s very likely that there is a more competitive plan out there in the market right now. Go find it using Mozo’s free price comparison tool and see how much you could save.

How long will it take to switch my gas supply?

The amount of time it will take you to switch your gas services to a new supplier depends on where you live in Victoria and when your meter was last read. The switching process can only take place on your next scheduled meter read, which could take up to three months before you start receiving your bill from your new supplier. If you’re moving houses, you can usually transfer your gas account to your new address within a few days. Just make sure you give your provider about 2-5 days notice to make sure they can move your account smoothly.

Will I have to pay anything to switch gas providers?

This depends on the type of contract you have with your current gas supplier. If you are on an open contract you will have the flexibility to switch providers without having to pay an exit fee. However, you may have to pay some extra charges when switching providers if you have a fixed gas plan and you are leaving the contract before the fixed period ends.

Are you moving houses? There may be a connection fee to consider which will cover the transfer of your gas services to your new VIC address. This fee is most likely to be included in your first gas bill.

How does Mozo make money?

Mozo makes money by helping energy providers connect with customers, like you, who are looking for a great energy deal. Most importantly our service is totally free to use and it is the energy providers competing for your business that pay Mozo, not you!

Mozo shares a fee with our partner, CIMET, who helps provide this service. This fee is paid
when you complete an application and switch energy providers using our service.  Mozo may also earn revenue when energy providers purchase display advertising on our site or when we help them use the all the great data we’ve collected.

*To calculate the potential savings figure Mozo identified the lowest plan provided by Mozo and highest cost plan in each energy distributor state region based on the average residential usage in that state. The costs data used across the state is current at 17 August 2020. Not all plans will be available via the Mozo energy comparison service. Your individual usage and location, along with which plan you are on and which plans are available on the Mozo site at any given time, will vary the savings you may be able to achieve using the Mozo energy comparison service.

Gas Provider Reviews

Origin Energy Gas
Overall 1/10
Origin provide terrible customer support.

Origin have made it impossible for customers to contact them by phone , the call goes to Manilla and is answered by a person who knows absolutely nothing about the companies operation, and can not give any useful advice at all. We have changed over to Kleenheat. We can speak to a Kleenheat employee based in our state.

Read full review

Origin have made it impossible for customers to contact them by phone , the call goes to Manilla and is answered by a person who knows absolutely nothing about the companies operation, and can not give any useful advice at all. We have changed over to Kleenheat. We can speak to a Kleenheat employee based in our state.

Customer service
Roger, Western Australia, reviewed 14 days ago
Alinta Energy Gas
Overall 6/10
Reliable supplier, keen to adopt green energy

Very reliable supply over many decades and price can be negotiated to a limited degree. Taking steps to becoming more "green" friendly.

Read full review

Very reliable supply over many decades and price can be negotiated to a limited degree. Taking steps to becoming more "green" friendly.

Bill clarity
Customer service
Green Friendly
Graham, Western Australia, reviewed 17 days ago
Origin Energy Gas
Overall 8/10
Happy with service

I am happy with their service so far

Read full review

I am happy with their service so far

Bill clarity
Customer service
Green Friendly
Alexandra, Western Australia, reviewed 17 days ago

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