A list you can check twice and other ways to save during the spending season

saving money on christmas shopping

With Christmas just a couple of weeks away, many Australians are in full spending mode. According to a NAB analysis, the bank predicts that Aussies are estimated to spend close to $53.6 billion during the holiday season.

It’s pretty common to overspend during the December shop, so if overspending is high on your stress list, here are some tips to help!

1. Make a list and check it twice

If you prepare a list of presents you want, it’ll give you more time to research products and prices. For a start, it’s possible you could find all the gifts you want in the same shopping mall. And a list makes the task of being in a busy shop much easier.

2. Make a budget for each person depending on if they’ve been naughty or nice

Obviously the pressie you buy your parents isn’t going to cost the same as the one you give your work colleagues. Having a budget of how much you plan on spending on each person will also narrow down what sort of gifts to give.

3. It's the season of sharing, so use that to your advantage

Thinking about getting your mum the new iPhone 13? Well why don’t you go halfsies with your dad or sibling. Sharing the cost with someone could help you keep to your budget.

4. Be like an elf, make it yourself

It’s said that Santa’s elves make all the Christmas presents. Well, maybe it’s time to help out - don a new hat and get your DIYs on. Not only is making a present yourself more meaningful but it makes it one of a kind!

5. Wrap up some deals

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, there are plenty of online shopping deals happening. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find your favourite stores running to Christmas specials that’ll help you keep to your budget.

Mozo has a useful gift-giving guide to help you save money this festive season, with tips for making presents, shopping secondhand and hitting savings goals while you spend.