Cheap and cheerful Father’s Day gifts for 2020

By Olivia Gee ·
Father and son hiking for Father's Day

Haven’t got a whole lot of cash to splash this Father’s Day? Want to cut unsustainable consumption? Consider gifting dad one of these more affordable, “Covid-friendly” items or experiences on September 6.

Reusable face masks

These will surely replace stock-standard Father’s Day socks and ties in 2020. Face masks are increasingly being recommended or mandated across Australia, so a reusable option with a funky print is a useful and environmentally conscious choice for dad.

Reusable mask prices start at around $15, and if you want to go all out, some local producers like Kurly Wurly Bar are also stitching matching socks, T-shirts, stubby holders and more. 

At-home subscriptions

If your old man isn’t exactly on top of 2020 technology, you could set him up with a brand new virtual world this Father’s Day. Beyond movie and TV streaming, there are myriad subscriptions for at-home live workout classes, art sessions and cooking classes. 

If he isn’t already on the Netflix or Stan train, you could add an extra screen and dad to your account for just a few bucks more a month. Bring popcorn over on September 6 and you’ve got yourself a cheap movie night and long-term snaps as a tech-savvy golden child.

Small batch wine or beer delivered to his door

This might be a slightly pricer option, but it’s probably not going to gouge your wallet as deeply as a fancy restaurant meal or a bar-and-pub-hopping expedition.

Tell your folks a Sunday lunch at home is the safest (and easiest to book) option right now, and that you’ll do the dishes and cover booze. Then find a great deal with a local brewer or wine merchant and get a fancy crate of bottles delivered to their door. Plenty of providers will offer free delivery in metropolitan areas and discounts for bulk purchases, so make the most of it.

A (socially responsible) day out with dad

If you are able to venture to a national park or nearby lake, treat dad to a day of bushwalks, bike rides or boating in the spring sunshine. It’s definitely a budget-friendly option and might be a long-awaited adventure away from town for dads who have been sticking to home.

All you need to cover is a picnic plus transport costs (be mindful of busy roads as many people are avoiding public transport).

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