Which supermarket is the cheapest for Christmas dinner shopping?

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Aside from gifts, Christmas dinner can be one of the holiday’s significant expenses. And like everything else this year, the price of groceries has skyrocketed. 

So which supermarket could help you crush the cost of living and do Christmas dinner for cheap*? Let’s compare prices.

(For a diet-friendly shopping guide, check out our price comparison for “free from” foods).

Christmas dinner shopping: which supermarket has low prices?

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Christmas roast and meats

A meat roast serves as an excellent centrepiece for Christmas dinner. Which supermarkets have the sharpest prices per kilo?

ItemsColesWoolworthsHarris FarmIGA
Ham leg
Turkey roast$16.00$16.00N/A$16.00
Tiger prawns$28.00$32.00$49.99$40.00
Oysters$1.75 each$1.92 each$2.50 eachN/A
Salmon portion$32.50(Out of stock)$62.99$46.00

Your local butchers, deli, or fishmongers may have lower prices and fresher meats on offer, too, so be sure to check out any stores near you.

Also, store prices are subject to change or adjustment, so be sure to check before you buy. The prices in this article were taken from online price listings only, as of 17 November, 2022 and is subject to change.

Fruit and vegetables

Nothing compliments a meal like some wholesome fruit and vegetables. Oranges even make a great stocking-stuffer alternative to traditional chocolate – and they’re just as traditional!

If you’re looking to skip the supermarket supply chain altogether for produce (and save money!), check out Farmers Pick.

Aldi doesn’t list fresh produce prices on their website, so it’s been excluded from this comparison.

ItemColesWoolworthsHarris FarmIGA
$3.80 per kg
$3.80 per kg
$3.85 per kg
$4.50 per kg
Green beans$5.90 per kg$6.90 per kg$20.00 per kg$6.30 per kg^^
Cup mushrooms$12.50 per kg$13.00 per kg$24.95 per kg$13.00 per kg
Tomatoes (loose)$0.87 each(Out of stock)$1.81 each$0.88 each
Lemons$1.50 each$1.21 each$1.90 each$1.05 each
Navel oranges$0.63 each(Out of stock)$1.81 each$1.04 each
Kensington Pride Mangoes$2.50 each$2.50 each$3.49 each$3.50 each

^^Only available frozen.


Pavlova, anyone? Here’s how much a pre-made base or the ingredients could cost for this classic dessert – but don’t forget the Christmas pudding!

ItemColesWoolworthsHarris FarmIGA
$3.00 per punnet
$3.00 per punnet
$3.75 per punnet
(Out of stock)
Passion fruit$2.50 each$2.50 each$2.29 each(Out of stock)
Thickened cream$2.60 each$2.60 each$3.20 each$3.00
Dozen free range eggs$4.50$4.50$6.69$5.75
Fine caster sugar$2.20 per kg$2.20 per kg$2.29 per kg$2.70 per kg
Vanilla extract$4.00 (50 mL)$4.00 (50 mL)$13.69 (100 mL)$7.40 (50 mL)
Pavlova base$8.50$5.40N/A$6.99
Custard$5.00 per kg$5.00 per kg$6.20 per kg$5.00 per kg
Christmas pudding$4.40 each$3.00 eachN/AN/A

Christmas crackers or bon bons

Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without this holiday staple! Compare the average price of party poppers below.

ItemsColesWoolworthsHarris FarmIGA
Christmas crackers$6.00 (10 pack)$6.00 (10 pack)N/AN/A

HOT TIP: An advent calendar can be a great way to create festive fun. 

Christmas drinks

While big chains don’t usually sell alcohol, it’s still a Christmas classic (for legal adults, of course). Compare prices with the bottle shops below to see if you can still serve up some delicious drinks on a dime. 

*NOTE: Cheap is a relative term and doesn’t include seasonal inflation or holiday sales. This guide compares costs and not quality, delivery fees, or nearest location. Comparisons have only been drawn between the lowest comparable products on offer between brands. Total costs will vary based on what and where you buy. Local butchers, fishmongers, delis, and grocery stores may have lower prices than the bigger chains.

What’s the easiest way to find cheap grocery prices?

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Comparing food prices has become easier these days thanks to online shopping. Major supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths spruik websites and apps that can help you find the items you need for the value you like.

There are also some shopping apps like Frugl that can do the comparing for you.

Which Australian supermarket should you do your Christmas shopping at?

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While it would be great to crown one store the Christmas Champion, the best supermarket to do your Christmas shopping will ultimately depend on your situation and preferences. 

For example, the closest supermarket to your home could be the most economical choice since you’ll save on travel expenses like fuel costs. 

Alternatively, if you want to get your groceries delivered, the lowest Christmas delivery fee could be the deciding factor. 

However, based on the above comparisons, here are some great reasons to shop at specific Australian supermarkets:

  • Harris Farm: organic, local, sustainable produce with imperfect picks and artisanal foods.
  • Coles: product availability and relatively low prices.
  • Aldi: low prices.

It’s also worth noting that Woolworths, Aldi, and IGA all won 2022 Mozo People’s Choice Awards in the Supermarket category. This means fellow Aussies voted them as some of the best for things like their range of products or customer satisfaction.

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