Eco-friendly choices can benefit the planet and your wallet

On the 20 September 2019, 80,000 Aussies in Sydney gathered in The Domain for one purpose: climate change. 

Schools let students attend the event and businesses voluntarily shut to allow Aussies of all ages to come together and ask the Federal Government to end the use of resources that are damaging the planet. 

Change is happening, with new Mozo research showing that recent natural disasters have also had an impact on climate skeptics. 

For example, due to the impacts of the recent bushfires, 67% of Aussies are starting to take climate change more seriously, with a massive 85% now believing that climate change is real, Mozo’s research has found

“In the past six months, Australia has been affected by an onslaught of storms, floods and bushfires, so naturally, as a nation we are asking how we can less out carbon footprint and make positive choices for the environment,” said Mozo spokesperson, Gemma Rasmussen. 

Other than having a positive environmental impact, Rasmussen explained that Aussies who chose sustainable living also discovered it to be financially beneficial. 

“Of those who have implemented greener lifestyle choices, more than half reported an increase in savings as a direct result of the changes they have made.”

Aussies taking matters into their own hands

Practising sustainability and maintaining a minimalistic lifestyle rose in popularity over the year, with reusable coffee cups and metal straws becoming the new norm, with three in four Australians making a conscious effort to make ‘greener’ consumer choices. 

Using less packaging and investing in tote bags or reusable cups was the more popular ‘green’ choice for half of Aussies, 36% made the effort to buy less clothes, while one in four reduced their meat consumption. 

Other popular eco friendly choices include reducing driving (19%), buying product seasonally or eating locally (35%), reducing energy consumption at home (44%) and cutting back on water use (48%).

How the bushfires have changed Aussies beliefs 

Last summer, approximately 18,636,079 hectares of Australian land, homes and buildings perished due to uncontrollable bushfires, leaving many Aussies to pick up the pieces and rebuild their homes. 

The aftermath saw 31% of Aussies change their stance, saying that the bushfires were ‘confirmation’ that climate change is a threat to the planet.

Beyond the Keepcup - what else Aussies can do to help the planet  

“Nearly one in five Australians said they felt worried about climate change, but they didn’t know how to change their lifestyle accordingly,” said Rasmussen. 

“There are a number of ways to make small eco-friendly changes to your lifestyle, like opting for greener energy or banking providers to purchasing more mindfully and less frequently. Do your research and think about what changes could work with your lifestyle.” 

For instance, Bank Australia does not lend to industries involved with fossil fuels, live animal exports tobacco and firearms. Bendigo Bank’s Community Saver Account allows savers to support charities just by growing the balance, while energy retailer Powershop is 100% carbon neutral and is committed to supporting renewable energy initiatives, investments and projects.