March 2019 Financial Checklist

As February suddenly becomes March, we wave goodbye to the sticky summer nights and say hello to chilly Autumn evenings. Aside from a drop in temperature, we can expect to keep busy this March with International Women's Day, St Patrick's day, and getting things in order for the upcoming Easter holidays. Not to mention a potential need for some personal finance housekeeping with Pisces season in full swing. So, without further ado, here’s your March 2019 financial checklist, to get you through the month!

Unleash your inner girl-boss this International Women’s Day

“All the women, who are independent. Throw your hands up at me!” To all the ladies out there, in light of International Women’s day on the 8th March, now’s the time to channel your inner Beyonce and take charge of your finances. Unleash the girl-boss from within and start planning those financial goals! No matter how big or small, you can have everything you’ve ever wanted with the right mindset and a solid plan in place. Quit scrolling through Insta feeling salty cause Jenny got the Rover you’ve always wanted, and start saving up for your dream ‘rari!

With the right savings account, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your financial goals. Oh, and it just so happens that the 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Deposits have just been announced, so there’s really no excuse for not saving. And, to make things nice and easy for you, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of our top award-winning high-interest savings accounts.

Think like a Pisces

As our Mozo magic 8-ball revealed earlier in the year, Pisces need to trust their guts when it comes to finances this year. We could all take a leaf out of the Pisces book this March and take some time to do a bit of personal finance housekeeping. If you've been feeling a little off in the financial department lately, take your time to reflect on what's causing this uncertainty. If you’re struggling to keep up with monthly home loan repayments, make this the month you start planning to find a better deal. Or maybe you're worried about that mounting credit card balance? In which case, you might consider getting a balance transfer card to help you chip away at unwanted debt and put your mind at ease.

Fall in love with your autumn wardrobe

Get it? ‘Fall’. Ugh. I know, Aussies don’t call it ‘Fall’. Yeah, yeah. But it was a good pun, okay? Anyway… There's no denying that a change in seasons can trigger the urge to go out and splurge on an entirely new wardrobe. But, as they say, "money doesn’t grow on trees." Why not turn over a new leaf (we're on a roll) this autumn and ditch the OTT shopping spree. If you really do need to revamp your wardrobe for the cooler weather, why not go to your local Vinnie’s and get some pre-loved threads on the cheap? Boho is the new chic after all. You could even round up some friends and make a day of it! Trust us. Your bank account will thank us come winter time.

Attract the luck of the Irish

With St Patrick’s Day coming up on the 17th of March, I think we’re all hoping some of that Irish luck will rub off on our bank accounts, am I right? But, if you don't happen to bump into any Leprechauns or stumble across a four-leaf clover, not to worry! You can create your own luck. Manifest some money this March with a Mozo Experts Award-winning term deposit account! Stash your cash into a high-interest term deposit account, and watch it transform into a mystical pot of gold (interest) at the end of your term … err, rainbow.

Prep for your Easter holiday

So March has only just begun, but let’s get real… we’ve all been dreaming about that extra long long-weekend this Easter. That being said, if you plan to take leave and jet set off for a few days then you'd better get in quick! April will be here before you know it, and things book out in a heartbeat nowadays. If you’ve left planning your little Easter getaway to the last minute and haven’t given yourself enough time to save the money to pay for the trip, you might want to consider taking out a small personal loan. If you’d rather not put yourself through the ‘fomo’ of scrolling through everyone’s holiday highlights on Instagram while you sit and sulk at home, then you could take out a personal loan to cover the upfront costs of your holiday, and then gradually pay it off. …We look forward to seeing your holiday snaps!

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