Mozo's Christmas Pet Cost Comparison - December 2016

With Christmas fast approaching, Mozo has crunched the numbers and found that giving some of the most popular pets as presents - including the cost of basic needs such as food, toys, bedding and vaccinations - could cost Aussies hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont said parents might be taking on more expenses than they bargained for with animals like ponies or purebred pooches, although smaller animals and rescue pets presented a more affordable option. She urged gift-buyers to consider the full cost of adding a pet to the family before making that commitment this Christmas.

Christmas pet cost comparison

PetPurchase priceSet-up costsTotal cost
2 Goldfish$7.98$108.89$116.87
2 Hermit Crabs$15.98$146.19$162.17
2 Guinea Pigs$80$259.43$339.43
2 Mini Lop Rabbits$98$285.93$383.93
Rescue Cat/Kitten$150$466.14$616.14
Children’s Python$199$691.45$890.45
Rescue Greyhound$400$692.58$1,092.58
Sphynx cat$2,000$670.01$2,670.01
Persian Cat$2,300$666.14$2,966.14
Golden retriever$2,300$942.58$3,242.58