Newcastle Permanent supports Australian Music Industry

Newcastle Permanent supports Australian Music Industry

The only thing worse than being put on hold is the dreaded hold music you have to listen to while you wait. That is, of course, unless you’re calling Newcastle Permanent!

The customer-owned financial institution has updated its customer service hold music to support local Aussie artists and its Charitable Foundation partner Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD).

The bank’s new and improved hold song, 'For The First Time', was performed by MMAD Ambassador and 2016 Australia’s Got Talent winner Fletcher Pilon and produced by a group of young artists brought together by MMAD and Universal Music Australia.

Working with MMAD to find a local artist to support, Newcastle Permanent took on this initiative in response to the Australian music industry’s call for businesses to help support Aussie artists.

Newcastle Permanent has agreed to cover the associated music licensing fees so that all revenue generated from its use of the song can go directly towards funding MMAD’s charitable programs and services for young Australians.

“We’ve wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity to support the local artists who’re being mentored by one of our Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation partners, MMAD, and we can do so simply by asking our customers to go ‘on-hold,” said Newcastle Permanent chief customer and product officer James Cudmore.

“It’s a unique way to recognise and reward these local artists, many of whom are from the Central Coast and Hunter regions. And while I’m confident our customers won’t be on hold for long, with this partnership, they’ll be listening to a very good song for a very good, local cause.”

Businesses encouraged to help support the music industry

With Australia’s music industry in dire straits due to countless state-wide lockdowns taking place across the country, local businesses are being urged to show their support to Aussie artists in whatever way they can.

“When we were approached by Newcastle Permanent with their idea to use one of our tracks as their on-hold music, I was blown away,” said MMAD co-founder Dominic Brook. “What an incredible opportunity to showcase our artists.

“We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to show support to extend our partnership with MMAD through this innovative agreement and, particularly during this challenging time for local artists, I challenge other Hunter businesses to show their support of the local music industry by using local artists in innovative ways such as this,” said Cudmore.

MMAD recently pulled the curtain on its new creative online youth centre, Access All Areas, which was made possible thanks to a $50,000 grant from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

The platform aims to empower Aussies under the age of 24 to reach their fullest potential by providing exclusive opportunities, information, mentoring and support networks.

Here are some different ways you can do your part to help support the music industry and other local businesses doing it tough during COVID. Alternatively, click here if you’d like to learn more about Newcastle Permanent and the different banking products it offers.