Price rises roll out on 7/11 coffee and Slurpees as cost of living hits the convenience store

takeaway coffee cups on yellow background as 7/11 coffee and slurpees have gone up in price

Permanent adjustments to the 7/11 pricing matrix were rolled out on October 4th. This saw the convenience store’s iconic $1 coffee double in price and adjusted pricing applied to the summer favourite Slurpee. Prices have also increased on other beverages, including the “Hot Chockee” range and iced coffee options.

We’ve seen the impacts of inflation on fast food staples, fuel fill-ups and grocery store baskets, with 7/11 only the latest to feel the cost-of-living crunch. The adjustments were announced back in August, but have only just been put in place.

So how are we all holding up? Well, personally, the shake-up to Slurpee pricing structure has been a real hit to my wallet. Goodbye to those $1 large Slurpees - now a small Slurpee will cost you $1. A large runs $1.50, a super $2.50, and a mega $4.50. With savings so thin elsewhere, that extra pile of change starts to stack up!

7/11’s statement shares the sentiment of many at the moment: “These price changes are the result of sustained cost increases across the board which have made the existing prices unsustainable.” With the ABS recording a decades-long high rate of inflation, it will not be surprising to see many businesses follow suit.

As a small comfort to crestfallen customers who were hooked on the $1 caffeine fix, bringing in a reusable cup will net a 50c saving. That brings the cost of your coffee to $1.50, instead of $2, encouraging customers to think about the environment.

Thankfully, with 7/11 we are talking about a minor increase to your daily spend - but if this change is indicative of more increases to hit big international brands, we could be in for some serious financial upheaval. 

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