Savings Tricks for a Spooky Halloween with the Kids

Australians love adopting everything American - Apple, Friends, Miley Cyrus and now Halloween, otherwise known as All Hallows’ Eve which rolls around on October 31.

It’s unsurprising the ghoulish festivity has been embraced by Australian children and kidults alike because what’s not to love about dressing up as a creepy monster and scoring free sweets?

But if you’re one of the many parents who have to fork out the big bucks for Harry Potter bertie botts, skeleton decorations and broomstick stirrers it can be a bit of a money drain.

Thankfully you can still treat your family this Halloween without breaking the bank by following these 4 top savings tricks:

1.  Buy candy wholesale

The best advice we can give you this Halloween is: don’t skimp on sweets for trick-or-treaters. As one Mozo employee had the misfortune of learning the hard way, after stepping on egg yolk at their front door thanks to some neighbourhood hoodlums that didn’t get their candy fix.

Simply head online to one of the many wholesale candy stores like, and to purchase quirky lollies in bulk at a significantly cheaper price than in the retail shops. If you have leftovers just save them for treats at Xmas.

2.  Swap costumes with a friend or family member

Why waste money on pricey Frozen princess Elsa costumes or Captain Jack Sparrow apparel, when you can suit your family up in second hand gear from a friend or neighbour for free?

Plus you're reducing your ecological footprint, as clothes swapping is part of the sustainable fashion movement, otherwise known as ethical fashion that reduces the environmental impact of buying new clothes.

3. Carve the pumpkin out yourself

It’s questionable if anyone in Australia really understands why Americans buy a perfectly good pumpkin only to cut out the flesh and carve a scary face on it (if you do, please educate us in the comments below).

But if you decide this is a must-do Halloween tradition, make sure you’re financially savvy about it. While Coles online is advertising Halloween Carving Pumpkins (which someone in a factory has already cut out for you) for $12.50 a pop. Why not buy a pumpkin you can eat and carve out like Kent Pumpkin priced $6.45? It’s a fun activity that will keep the kids entertained, plus you can use the pumpkin insides to make a delicious soup or curry.

4. DIY decorations

There are some hilarious (and scary) decoration ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here’s some that should definitely be put on the DIY list: day of the dead cookies, bats made out of recycled paper, used jam jars with fake spiders inside and balloons painted to look like ghosts...the list is really endless.

What are your thrifty tips for a spooky Halloween?