September 2018 Financial Checklist

Let us have a moment’s silence for the departure of winter...great now that that’s over with, let’s move onto something that really matters - spring! We all know that spring is the perfect time of year to start afresh, but it may also be an opportunity to try something new. So regardless of how you’re preparing to take on September, here are five places to start…

Declutter for cash

Nothing says spring like some good old fashioned spring cleaning, but this year, why not make it a little more worth your while? According to Gumtree’s Second Hand Economy Report, many Aussies could be making a small fortune just by selling their old junk - an average $4,200 to be exact! Things like DVDs, CDs, games and old electronics all can help make you some extra cash, plus, you’ll get a clutter free home.

Get travel insurance with the best

Last month we started our summer holiday plans and now it’s time to take action. And no matter if you’re travelling with a partner or as a family of four, sorting out your travel insurance in advance is essential. But if you need a little help tracking down the perfect policy, you’re in luck, because we’ve recently announced the winners of our Mozo Experts Choice Travel Insurance Awards!

Prep for spring property season

With spring officially here, Aussie house hunters or sellers should now start preparing for the biggest property season of the year. And whether or not you believe in the hype of spring property season, hopeful buyers will need to have their bidding budget ready to go. It’s also important that sellers give their property the best chance of selling by sprucing up rooms and making any necessary repairs around the home.

Buyers will also need to keep an eye on are the hot home loan deals lenders will be offering new customers.

Get up to speed with all things energy

Over the last few weeks we’ve heard lots of talk about the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) being scrapped and what it’s replacement may look like. But do you really understand what it all means and more importantly, how it could impact your energy bill? Make September the month you get up to speed with the latest energy news by checking out our round up of all the latest movements in the energy market.  

Find your new podcast obsession

Whether it’s true crime, politics or health and fitness, everyone’s got a favourite podcast to get them through their daily commute to work. If you are a podcast fan, it might surprise you to know that September 30 is International Podcast Day! But rather than celebrating with something you know, why not try something new by adding a finance podcast to your subscription box! And don’t worry if you’re not sure with where to start because we’ve got a bunch of podcast reviews on our blog to help your new favourite!

And if you’re ready start spring the money-savvy way, check out our Life and Money hub! We’ve got tips and tricks that’ll help you save no matter you’re up to.