Step up your 2019 hobby game with these cheap ideas for under $20

2019 is in full swing, so what better time to take on a new hobby than the start of the year? Whether you’re trying to save money or you’re searching for downtime inspiration, there are many ways to shake up your routine and to expand your creative comfort zone without breaking the bank. With over 300 days left of 2019, here’s a list of six activities (that aren’t just binge watching Netflix) to test and try!

Start a home brew

COST - $20

Fan of kombucha? Instead of spending big on the fermented drink why not try making your own? Kombucha is a fizzy ancient health drink that has many health benefits such as probiotics and antioxidants to help aid digestion and the immune system, and it’s a great alternative to coffee or soft drink. Making kombucha is quick, easy and cheap - all you need is are tea bags, sugar, water, flavouring, a scoby (the bacteria and yeast culture) and you’re good to go!

Is coffee more up your alley than kombucha? If you pay $4 for a coffee everyday, you could be saving up to $1,500 a year if you start brewing your own! If you invest this money in a coffee machine and some ground coffee beans, you can be making your own in no time. Just don’t forget your Keep Cup!  

Create an online market

COST - $0

Got some old clothes building up in the back of your wardrobe? By creating a free account to Depop or Etsy, you can turn your hobby into cash. The opportunities are endless and whether it’s creating art or selling clothes, you decide what you’re good at and what you want to sell.

It’s an easy process - just create a free account, upload your goods and post them off! Etsy is a great option if you want to sell art or handmade items whereas Depop is great for selling all your secondhand clothing.

Pick up some disposable film

COST - $18

Film has made its way back to our shelves and is becoming more widely used in the digital age. Because of their limited number of shots, one-time use cameras make you put thought into the shots you are taking. They’re fun to play with and are cheaper than buying an original film camera if you are after that nostalgic effect in your photos.

Step it up to the next level by investing in either a film camera or a digital camera. Both have different qualities but depending on what image quality you are after, the camera can cost between $70 and $1,000.

Chill out with some yoga

COST - $15

If you find yourself looking for a stress outlet or even to improve your flexibility, yoga is your go-to. It’s not only great for your mental health, but also counts for essential physical activity! The best part? You don’t need a gym membership to do it - all you need is a mat, some free guided Youtube workouts and you’re good to go!

If you get to the point where you want to take it further why not invest in some classes? There’s a wide range of yoga classes such as hot yoga, bikram yoga, vinyasa yoga and hatha yoga which all mediate between relaxation and an intense workout and are usually paid per session. Take your pick!

Cook for fun

COST - $0 - $20

Cooking doesn't always have to be a chore to survive. Dust off your cookbook, browse online recipes or turn to Youtube for some tutorials and spend some time experimenting in the kitchen! You create the price tag with whatever ingredients you choose to purchase. You can set yourself challenges such as a full vegan dinner or even get inspired by a cuisine such as Mexican or Japanese. The choice is all yours and who knows, you could be on Masterchef before you know it!

Learn a new language 

COST - $0

Why not try brushing up on your French or Spanish? Learning a new language in your own time allows you to set your own goals at your own pace, and having a second language can help you massively on your next overseas adventure and can even boost up your resume. Instead of paying to commit to language classes, why not download free apps such as Memrise or Duolingo to sharpen your skills? They both have a wide selection of languages to choose from and you can test your knowledge in your own time, and even on your family and friends!

If none of these are grabbing you, why not look to family or friends for some inspo? Or try heading to our Life & Money section for some more savings ideas!