Where can you find cheap groceries right now? We have a few options

woman checking grocery bill

With the cost of living crisis causing prices of everyday items to soar, it’s worth shopping around to find the best deals.

Here, we have done the research for you. We’ve chosen 13 grocery staples and compared the prices of the cheapest items at popular stores to find which store has what product for the best price.

You can now also buy various non-perishable food items from Amazon AU, so some of their products have been included to compare their prices.

(Prices are correct as of publishing but may be subject to change. There can also be variations between online prices and in-store) 

Cost comparison table

WoolworthsColesAldiIGAAmazon Au
Eggs - 12 cage free eggs700g - $4.60 ($0.66/100g)
600g - $5.30 ($0.88/100G)700g $4.49 ($0.64/100G)700g - $5.30 (0.74/100G)N/A
Milk - Full cream 2L$3.10 ($1.55/L)$3.10 ($1.55/L)$3.09 ($1.54/L)$3.60 ($1.80/L)N/A
Cheese-grated tasty cheese$8.50 ($1.70/100g)$9.50 ($1.90/100g)N/A$10 ($2/100g)N/A
Spaghetti$0.80 ($0.16/100g)$0.80 ($0.16/100g)$0.79 ($0.158/100g)$1.85 ($0.37/100g)$1.53 ($0.31/100g)
Pasta Sauce$2.10 (0.42/100G)$2.10 ($0.42/100g)$2.19 ($0.44/100g)$2.10 ($0.42/100g)$2.25 ($0.45/100g)
White Bread$1.90 ($0.29/100g)$1.90 ($0.29/100g)N/A$1.80 ($0.28/100g)N/A
Chicken Breast Fillets300g - $4.50 ($15/1kg)300g - $4.50 ($15/1kg)N/A1kg - $19 ($19/kg)N/A
Beef Mince$7 ($14/kg)$7 ($14/kg)N/A$7 ($14/kg)N/A
Rice$1.40 ($0.14/100g)$1.40 ($0.14/100g)N/A$1.78 ($0.36/100g)$5.90 ($0.59/100g)
Bananas$0.72 each$0.45 eachN/A$0.45 eachN/A
Iceberg Lettuce$2.50 each$1.90 eachN/A$3.00 eachN/A
Ground Coffee$20 ($2.00/100g)$12 ($1.20/100g)N/A$24 ($2.40/100g)$23.94 ($2.39/100g)
English Breakfast
100 pack - $6.75 ($0.07 each)100 pack - $13.50 ($0.14 each)50 pack - $1.99 ($0.0438 each)100 pack - $4.80 ($0.06 each)50 pack - $5.45 ($0.11 each)

*These prices were gathered on 1 February and may not be representative of ongoing prices. 

So, what's the cheapest?

Some retailers and products were not featured across all categories, but in general, Coles performed well. Its items were among the cheapest in seven categories. As mentioned, this is not indicative of prices on an ongoing basis, so it’s always best to shop around. 

Bear in mind that Aldi's website didn't have nearly as many options as can be found in most stores, meaning that their items could not be included in a lot of categories. However, in the categories where items could be found, Aldi's pricing was very competitive.

According to Roy Morgan, Australia's most trusted brands in 2022 we're Woolworths, Bunnings, Aldi and Kmart. Read more here

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