Which Easter chocolate is the tastiest? Mozo puts expert taste buds to the test

Could you tell the difference between Cadbury and Kmart chocolate with your eyes closed? It turns out, there might be less of a difference between your favourite (and pricey) Easter treats and the budget-friendly bunnies in the supermarket.

We had a theory that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy some really excellent chocolate at Easter time. So we asked some of the self-proclaimed chocolate experts at Mozo to give us the People’s Choice verdict on different types of chocolate.

And then we called in the real experts - three chocolatiers from some of Sydney’s wonderful boutique chocolate shops, David Ralph from Kakawa Chocolates, Michelle Corben from Nina’s Chocolates and Tina Angeliolis from Adora - to test it out.

These expert chocolatiers put their taste buds to the test in our blind taste test to see if expensive really is better when it comes to our favourite Easter chocolate. And it turns out we were right - budget-friendly brands gave the more pricey options a run for their money, and in some cases, even scored better.

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“I think we often tend to assume that the more you pay, the more you’ll enjoy what you’re buying, but this taste test has shown that that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to sweet Easter treats,” said Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont.

“For example, Haigh’s scored only marginally better than brands like Woolworths and Kinder, but was as much as four times more expensive. On the other hand, Lindt scored the highest, and was much more budget friendly as well.”

Check out what the expert judges had to say about each chocolate.

Chocolate taste test - what the experts had to say


Expert score: 2.7/10
People’s Choice score: 6/10
Price per 100 grams
: $2.00

According to the experts, Kmart fell short of expectations, and didn’t have a strong chocolate flavour at all. David described it as having an “artificial flavour, not the essence of chocolate you look for in good chocolate.”


Expert score: 4/10
People’s Choice score: 5.1/10
Price per 100 grams: $2.00

Tina said the Woolies chocolate didn’t have a very pleasant aftertaste, and that it didn’t melt in the mouth, though Michelle thought it had a good texture and nice flavour and appearance.

Red Tulip

Expert score: 4/10
People’s Choice score: 3.7/10
Price per 100 grams: $2.65

The judges were divided on Red Tulip - while Michelle thought it was very sweet, Tina thought it had a neutral flavour and David described it as having a “strong vanilla flavour.”


Expert score: 4/10
People’s Choice score: 6.1/10
Price per 100 grams: $6.67

The experts described Kinder as having a “grainy” texture, and Michelle said it “doesn’t melt in the mouth easily and leaves a waxy coating on the mouth.”


Expert score: 4.3/10
People’s Choice score: 5.1/10
Price per 100 grams: $9.00

Tina identified a “real chocolate flavour” and while David also detected “nice, milk chocolate caramel flavours,” he admitted he expected more from this boutique brand. He ranked it on par with Red Tulip.


Expert score: 4.7/10
People’s Choice score: 7/10
Price per 100 grams: $3.00

“Sweet,” was the word of choice for our experts when describing the Cadbury chocolate. David summed it up as “nothing new, very Cadbury.”


Expert score: 5.7/10
People’s Choice score: 7.7/10
Price per 100 grams:

Lindt was a pretty clear winner among the experts. Tina said it had that elusive “real chocolate flavour,” while David described it as having a “nice caramel flavour, good finish and clean taste, not too overpowering.”

Do you have a favourite Easter treat? Let us know in the comments which chocolate you’ll be splurging on this weekend.