Greater Bank cuts again! Offering low 2.79% on 1 year fixed home loans

Forget 2.99%, say hello to Greater Bank’s new and improved 1 year fixed home loan rates that’ve been slashed following the RBA decision earlier in the month. 

On the Great Rate Home Loan (Fixed), Greater Bank is now offering the lowest rate in our database for a 1 year fixed term, 2.79% (4.17% comparison rate*), effective today.  

While the cut was only 20 basis points this time around, since June the total drop in fixed rates comes to a massive 70 basis points. 

But that’s not the only fixed year term that is now under 3.00% on the Great Rate Home Loan (Fixed).  

Greater Bank also dropped rates on the 2 year fixed term bringing it down to 2.99% (4.08% comparison rate*) and 3 year fixed terms slashing it to 2.99% (3.79% comparison rate*) on the same loan. 

Hold up, that’s not the end of this crazy cuts party! 

Greater Bank made more changes to fixed interest rates on the Ultimate Home Loan (Fixed), decreasing the 1 year fixed term to 2.79% (4.38% comparison rate*) as well. 

Earlier this year Greater Bank was crowned Home Lender Bank of the Year for the 2019 Mozo Expert Choice Awards, with both the Great Rate Home Loan (Fixed) and Ultimate Home Loan (Fixed) scooping up awards in multiple categories. 

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