What type of car insurance should you consider? Members of the Mozo Editorial Team share their views

Happy driver with car insurance

Car insurance can be a tricky business, with all the policy details needing a fine-toothed comb. Sometimes it’s best to hash things out with a few mates, so please consider our anecdotal offerings below to be in a similar vein.

Here, five members of the Mozo Editorial Team suggest their preferred type of car insurance, or at least the aspects of the policy they can’t do without.

Comprehensive cover with roadside assistance 

“Earlier this year I bought my first car, after having shared a car with my sister for a few years (where we only had basic cover). Because it was the first time that I was the only one holding the keys, I knew I wanted to get as much cover as I could.

"What I was looking for was an easy online application process as well as a low price for comprehensive insurance features. Luckily I opted for roadside assistance, as a flat car battery recently had me picking up the phone and calling my insurance company. It saved me not only on time but also from a hefty bill at the mechanic." - Polly Fleeting, money writer

Comprehensive features at the lowest price 

“My partner and I just bought our first car together, so the whole insurance deal was a whole new world to both of us. The car we bought is on the newer side, so we wanted a few additional comprehensive insurance features like hire car and roadside assistance. At the end of the day who the actual insurer was didn’t matter too much, it was all about getting those features for the best possible price.” - Tom Watson, financial journalist

Essential cover to match circumstances

“The car I share with my partner is quite old – coming on 20 years now – and we only drive occasionally, perhaps once a week. At this stage the old fella isn’t worth very much, so we’re sticking with third party insurance, with as much cover for damage to others’ cars and property as possible. Since we live centrally and don’t have dependents, we will probably go without a car for a few years if ours were to breathe its last petrol-y breath.” - Olivia Gee, money writer

Comprehensive cover with some heart on the side

“At the end of last year my sister got into a car accident while driving my car. I knew she would be covered, but it was still a stressful situation because it was my first time having to make a claim, which I explained to my insurer. They made sure to walk me through the process, simplify anything I didn’t understand.

"Although my car ended up being written off, the payout was deposited into my account within five days! So while I don’t look forward to paying my premium every year, I know the support I have on hand is priceless.” - Ceyda Erem, money writer

Paying a bit extra on your excess

"I had a small prang a few years back and felt it wasn’t my fault. I’d merged into a lane at the same time as another driver, who suddenly appeared from the third outside lane. Ultimately it didn’t matter, we each accepted some blame, even if just verbally. Thankfully my car insurance covered the damage to the car.

"I had a comprehensive policy with one of the well-known brands and was grateful that I did as it covered all the denting to the side of my car. We actually wanted a lower premium prior to this happening, so agreed to raise our ‘excess’ from $500 to $1,000. This meant I had to pay $1,000 at the time of the accident but the benefit to that point had been lower up-front costs with my premiums. I think this is a good way to do it.” - JP Pelosi, managing editor

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