TrueCover set to shake up car insurance for Aussie seniors with its new "for people, not profit" model

Senior couple driving convertible car at sunrise on rural highway, shown from behind

When designing insurance for specific age demographics - like P platers or seniors - many car insurance companies seem to take a pretty generic approach: take a standard policy, tweak a few features around the edges, and rebadge it as a brand new targeted product.

TrueCover is looking to shake things up with a product designed from the ground up for seniors. Its "for people, not profit" model means all profits are reinvested back into the company to improve services and keep premiums low for seniors.

Rather than just whacking together another off-the-shelf policy, these guys have invested serious time researching what older Aussies actually want from their car insurance. Armed with those insights, TrueCover has built a tailored policy packed with features that they say makes it easier and more affordable for seniors.

We're talking handy inclusions like: 

  • Roadside assistance automatically included with all policies
  • Automatic ambulance cover up to $400, for all drivers and passengers
  • No maximum age limits for entry
  • A death benefit to help cover funeral expenses
  • An agreed value option to guarantee your payout after a write-off

TrueCover has also set up a local contact centre where customers can access support via phone or video call - a first for the insurance industry in Australia.

Since arriving on the scene, TrueCover reckons the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive; customers have praised the ability to get affordable, quality cover from a socially-conscious provider.

According to TrueCover, profits get reinvested to minimise premium costs, while their TrueCover Community arm supports charitable initiatives through donations and volunteering.

But one of the biggest drawcards has to be the potential savings. TrueCover claims its new customers are pocketing an average of $300 by jumping ship from their previous insurer - nothing to sneeze at given the cost-of-living crunch hitting retirees' wallets.

If you're over 60 and your current car insurance policy is leaving you feeling underinsured or out of pocket, it could be worth adding TrueCover to your consideration set.

TrueCover Seniors Car Insurance

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TrueCover Seniors Car Insurance*
  • No maximum age limit
  • Roadside assistance, ambulance cover, death benefits and more
  • Local video and phone support

We always like to see an insurer who creates niche car insurance products from the ground up, rather than rebadging standard policies and calling it something new. TrueCover Seniors Car insurance is the latest insurance provider to take the ‘ground up’ approach, offering most of the essentials seniors care about. Roadside assistance, ambulance cover and death benefits are just a few of the added perks you’ll get with this policy. But it’s more than just the cover. TrueCover’s local support team offers video and phone support, and its “for people, not profit” model means they’re able to keep premiums low. Just keep in mind there is a non-refundable admin fee for joining (outside the 14-day cooling off period).