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Cover information and limits in the table below verified as correct at 25 July 2024. Other information correct at the time of writing. Advertiser disclosure. Important information on terms, conditions and sub-limits.  

Whether you’re getting yourself a pet or already have one, we have got you covered with what you need to know about We have put up most of the details about this insurance provider to get you started. 

In fact, is the Pet Insurance Provider Of The Year for 2023 at the Mozo Experts Choice Pet Insurance Awards, along with Potiki. has won Exceptional Value Accident & Illness Pet Insurance for its Gold policy, Exceptional Value Comprehensive Pet Insurance for its Gold policy and Routine Care and Exceptional Quality Pet Insurance for Platinum policy.  

Here is a look at all the inclusions, exclusions and optional benefits that you could get if you choose 


Veterinary bills can be quite daunting to deal with, but don’t let this get in the way of you taking care of your pet. provides a streamlined claiming process and lots other benefits. In fact, if you are placed anywhere in Australia, the company gives you an option of a quick insurance quote. is issued by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (Hollard) and is administered by PetSure (Australia) Pty Ltd. policies policies cater to all your fluff-ball’s needs. 

The Bronze for the cats and Silver for the doggos are for pets older than 8 weeks and younger than 15 years. 

The Gold and Platinum covers are for pets older than 8 weeks and younger than 9 years. 

All the policies have cover for specific accidental injuries and illnesses. You can choose the cover that serves best for your furbaby. 

What is included in’s pet insurance policy? is one of the pet insurance providers of the year for good reason. The policy offers specified accident & illness and comprehensive coverage, with 80% reimbursement on your eligible claims for your best mate. 

You can see what you can expect from across their coverage in the table above. Check’s product disclosure statement (PDS) for the full terms and conditions.

What optional extras can I add to my’s insurance?

There are two kinds of benefits that you get with’s pet insurance policy.

  1. Dental Illness Benefit: Only a certain few dental illness treatments will be covered if mentioned on your certificate of insurance. Generally, dental illness treatments have a 6-month waiting period from the commencement date.  
  2. Routine Care (non-insurance benefit): In the case of routine care, payments will be made by the company applicable to the policy’s routine care limit(s) and sub-limits.

Always check your product disclosure statement for any optional benefits that you may or may not get.  

What exclusions apply to’s insurance?

It is very important to know what exclusions will apply to the insurance policy that you might be buying. Insurance agencies generally do not  take any pre-existing conditions that your pet might have had into consideration. Other than that, does not cover any routine or preventive treatments and any elective treatments. 

Please read Section 5 of your policy’s PDS for any doubts.

How do I make a claim with

Making a claim with is relatively straightforward, and you have a lot of options to choose from:

  • The best way to make a claim is via GapOnly. Check whether your vet is a GapOnly member first. With this feature, claims you will be able to make and process your claim within a span of 10 minutes, and all you will have to do is pay the difference. 
  • You can also ask your vet to make your claim electronically. The agency will communicate with you the status of your claim as it progresses. 
  • You can submit your claim via Pet Portal. 
  • You can send in a claim through post. A claim form can be downloaded from the website or you can call 1300 855 663. 

All claims must include itemised tax invoices, payment receipts, and clinical records from the vet you consulted for your claim to process without any trouble. 

Can I cancel my insurance?

Just like any other pet insurance, you can cancel your policy anytime you want just by calling their customer care services at 1300 855 663 or by sending an email to

Remember to always ask your provider as to when your policy will be considered cancelled. will issue a pro-rata refund to you for the uninsured period which will not include any statutory or government charges. 

FAQs about

What do I do if my pet gets sick or injured?

If your pet falls sick or gets injured, make sure you take them to your reliable vet first. Once they have been looked after and are safe, then you can take care of your insurance. With, you have the facility of GapOnly through which you as a policyholder just have to pay the difference. GapOnly calculates your claim while you’re still at your pet’s vet.