Aussie fintech, Pelikin, launches travel insurance product

For many Aussies, Christmas is often spent abroad and is filled with activities from snow boarding to a competitive round of golf. And with only weeks to go till the happiest day of the year, Aussie fintech, Pelikin have just announced their very own travel insurance product, which they say could be the perfect fit for younger travellers looking to get up to all sorts of fun on their next trip away. 

One of the benefits of Pelikin’s travel insurance product is the ability to build your own policy and tailor your cover to what you’ll be getting up to on your holiday, meaning you won’t have to pay for cover you don’t need. 

There are three base levels of cover to choose from, including: 

  • Saver - for travellers sticking to a budget 
  • Basic -  for travellers who want a decent amount cover for a fair price 
  • Comprehensive - for travellers looking for extensive cover with all the bells and whistles 

There are then ten packs travellers can add to their cover to tailor it to their needs, which range from device cover, snow sports cover or even golf cover. 

In order to deliver their take on travel insurance, Pelikin have partnered with Ben Webster and Travel By Us, who also own Travel With Kit and Travel With Jane, which work on the same “pick and choose” model. According to Pelikin Founder and CEO, Sam Brown, the partnership was a no-brainer. 

“We chose Travel By Us because they’re an agile team with a superior product. Their difference is the inclusivity of cover, having more options for medical conditions that are typically not covered, extras to suit all types of travellers and cover for every budget,” he said. 

Customers are able to test out Pelikin’s travel insurance for themselves through the Pelikin app before it’s made available on the Pelikin website in 2020. 

Who is Pelikin? 

Launching only November last year, Pelikin has hit the ground running and are changing the way Aussies look after their money while overseas. 

The Melbourne-based fintech released its app as well as a prepaid card that can hold up to five different currencies (AUD, EUR, GDP, NZD and USD), allowing cardholders to pay in more than 200 countries around the world. 
And with a brand new travel insurance product under its belt, it’s safe to say that Pelikin is aiming to be an Aussie traveller’s greatest companion. 

So if you’re keen to see how Pelikin’s travel insurance stacks up against other policies in the market, head on over to our travel insurance comparison tool.