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What’s the difference between a spot contract and a forward contract when transferring money overseas? Learn about all aspects of international money transfers right here, from finding the best money transfer to our IMT jargon buster.

Alternatives to an International Money Transfer (IMT)

An IMT is a great way to ship funds overseas, but it isn’t the best solution in every situation, as we all have different travel money needs. So in this guide we’ve run through everything from how international money transfers work to some of the main alternatives to help you decide which will work best for you.

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Features and benefits of IMT

Need to make a payment overseas? Maybe your daughter’s gap year has turned out to be more expensive than she bargained for, or you’re buying a nice little beach-front bungalow in Mexico?

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IMT Fees and Charges

If you’re looking to transfer money overseas, whether it's to family, friends or into a bank account for your own extended stay, then the first thing you look at is probably the exchange rate.

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International Money Transfers FAQ Fast Guide

If you’re new to international money transfers then you’re in the right place, this fast guide will run you through all the essential info you need to know and be aware of when transferring funds overseas from Australia.

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Large international money transfers

Whether you just bought property in Bali or invested in a business in Shanghai, if you’re looking to transfer a large sum of money overseas, we’ve got some great tips here to help you get the most bang for your buck.  

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One off overseas payment

For many people, needing to send money overseas isn’t an everyday or even an every year kind of thing, so when you are in the situation when you do need to send money to someone or a business overseas in a one off situation, transferring money across borders can seem kind of daunting. 

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Small international money transfers

So you need to send a small amount of money overseas - say $200 for a birthday present, or $300 for your backpacking son’s final flight. It shouldn’t be a big deal to send a small amount, right? And it certainly shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg in fees.

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