Judo Bank reaches $1 billion in deposits and lends 95% of it back to small businesses

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Heard of Judo Bank? Well, if you have or if you haven’t, it’s a name that you’ll be hearing more and more about.

Yesterday, Judo Bank, a business-focused challenger bank that only launched (as a bank) in April last year, announced they’d hit $1 billion in term deposits - that’s only nine months since they became an Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution (ADI).

But that’s not the only thing turning heads.  

Judo Bank’s term deposit has some of the highest interest rates on Mozo’s database, with a range of terms from three months to five year.

Plus, the bank is also supporting small Aussie businesses by lending 95% of deposits it’s received to SMEs, instead of favouring home loans like the big banks. 

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Judo Bank’s co-CEO, Joseph Healy, explained that two decades ago, the amount banks lent to home buyers was the same as to what they’d lend to small business, but now it’s not the same story.

“Today, the lending landscape is barely recognisable, with the banks adopting an unhealthy bias towards household lending. So, in 2020, for every dollar the big banks lend homebuyers, they only lend 25 cents to SMEs, which has resulted in a $93 billion funding gap,” Mr Healy said.

“This makes the rapid growth in our deposits business so important because Judo Bank is able to level the playing field and address the market failure, by providing an opportunity for businesses and the broader community to support business funding at competitive rates.”

Has Judo Bank got your attention? Well, say hello to it’s term deposit, it may just turn your head a little more.

Judo Bank Term Deposit
Judo Bank
  • 2.15% interest rate (for a five year term)

  • Option to have interest paid to another bank

If you are looking to stash your savings away, at least for a little while anyway, why not try out new neobank Judo? There are a bunch of deposit terms from three months to five years, so however long you are looking to throw away the keys, Judo’s likely got an offer to suit. Not only that, Judo offers competitive interest rates up to 2.15% (on a five year term) plus if you decide to reinvest your balance once your term deposit is up, you’ll be rewarded for your loyalty with an additional 0.10% on top of the standard rate. You might also be pleased to hear that Judo is protected under the Australian Government Deposit Claims Scheme, just like the big banks - which means deposits up to $250,000 are covered.

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