Judo Bank - The bank you’ve never heard of that’s hitting term deposits out of the park

Tom Watson

19 Sep 2019


They’re the newest kid on the block in the world of Australian term deposits, but Judo Bank certainly aren’t content with just blending in. 

Despite term deposit rates falling left, right and centre in the wake of back-to-back RBA rate cuts in June and July, Judo Bank have burst onto the scene with some of the most competitive term deposit rates around. 

The neobank is currently* offering the highest rates in the Mozo database for 9 month, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 4 year and 5 year terms, with the Judo Bank 9 month rate offer of 2.40% sitting 0.30% above its nearest competitor.


Judo Bank Term Deposit
  • 2.40% rate for 9 month and 1 year terms

  • 0.10% loyalty bonus

  • Interest paid to bank of your choice

Whether you’re looking for a short or long term place to stash your cash, Judo Bank has some seriously competitive term deposit interest rates on offer across a number of terms. Savers will be able to grab rates from 2.10% (for 4 and 5 year terms) up to 2.40% (for 9 month and 1 year terms). That’s not all though, as customers who roll over their principal after it reaches maturity to another Judo Bank term deposit will be able to grab a 0.10% loyalty bonus, plus Judo lets customers nominate the bank they want their interest paid into.

“Term deposit rates have been in free fall for months now, so it’s great to see another bank come into the market promising to offer some of the best rates around,” said Mozo Banking Expert, Peter Marshall. 

“We’ll have to see how long they stick around for, but they're a new business looking to attract funds to be able to lend to borrowers, so I’m expecting that they’ll remain really competitive for a while to come.” 

Interested in seeing just how well Judo Bank’s term deposits stack up against other deals on the market? Head over to the Mozo term deposit comparison hub to compare offers from 70 other banks.    

*As of September 19, 2019

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