Personal loan providers

With dozens of personal loan providers to choose from in Australia, explore this list of A-Z lenders in the Mozo database. Find and compare borrowing options whether you’re looking for a holiday loan or a home renovation loan.

Shopping around for a personal loan in Australia can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve collected all of the personal loan providers in our database into one alphabetical list. Here you’ll find loans of a range of terms and a range of kinds, allowing you to borrow money and repay your loan in a way that suits your needs. Click on a provider to learn more about their personal loan offerings.

What type of personal loans are there?

Before you lock in a personal loan, it’s important to figure out what type of loan you are looking for - and what type of language you might come across. Not only will this make the right loan easier to find, but it will help you through the loan application process. 

Some types of loans that fall under the umbrella of personal loans are

  1. Debt consolidation loans 
  2. Home renovation loans
  3. Holiday loans
  4. Car loans
  5. Motorcycle loans
  6. Medical loans
  7. Cosmetic surgery loans
  8. Wedding loans

Within each of these loans, there are some other types of loans to consider.

Secured - Secured loans are held against a valuable asset. This means a possession of yours - a car, or property, for example - is used as collateral on a loan, and can be repossessed if you default on loan repayments.
Unsecured - Unsecured loans tend to have higher interest rates as lenders and providers do not have any collateral of yours to use as security.
Fixed rate - A fixed rate loan keeps the same interest rate for the entire duration of the loan term.

Variable rate - A personal loan with a variable interest rate will have a changing interest rate over the loan’s term.

Long term - Long term personal loans tend to be held over more than 5 years, with terms up to 10 years.

Short term - A short term loan is a personal loan typically held for between 1 - 4 years.


Alex.Bank ANZ Australian Military Bank Australian Mutual Bank Australian Unity Auswide Bank

Bank Australia Bank First Bank of Melbourne BankSA BankVic Bankwest BCU Bank Bendigo Bank Beyond Bank

Citi Coastline Credit Union Coles Commonwealth Bank Community First Bank Credit Union SA

Defence Bank

Easy Street EBP Money

Firefighters Mutual Bank First Option Bank

G&C Mutual Bank Gateway Bank Great Southern Bank Greater Bank

Handypay Harmoney Health Professionals Bank Heritage Bank HSBC Hume Bank

Illawarra Credit Union IMB Bank ING

Jacaranda Finance

Latitude Liberty

Macquarie Credit Union MONEYME MoneyPlace MOVE Bank

NAB Newcastle Permanent Northern Inland Credit Union NOW Finance NRMA

Orange Credit Union OurMoneyMarket

P&N Bank People's Choice Pepper Money Plenti Police Bank Police Credit Union

QBANK Qudos Bank Queensland Country Bank

RAA RACQ Bank RACV Finance Regional Australia Bank

SocietyOne South West Slopes Bank Southern Cross Credit Union St.George SureMoney

Teachers Mutual Bank The Capricornian The Mutual Bank Transport Mutual Credit Union

UniBank Unity Bank

Westpac Wisr