Lenders slash new and used car loan rates

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Wednesday 29 April 2020

Looking to get your hands on a new set of wheels so you can hit the road post ‘iso’? Well, say hello to these lenders who have slashed car loan rates. 

Man in a suit sitting in his new car he bought with a new car loan 

Over the last two months, a handful of car loan lenders have cut down rates they have on offer across both new car loans and used car loans. 

According to the Mozo database, the average new car loan rate sits as 6.70%, while the average used car rate is 7.24%. 

However, some car loan lenders are offering rates that sit well below these numbers. 

Who has slashed rates recently?

According to the Mozo database loans.com.au, Qudos Bank, Australian Military Bank, Beyond Bank, QBank, Orange Credit Union, Police Credit Union and Goldfields Money all cut rates across March and April. 

Here’s a breakdown of where these lenders’ car loan rates sit now:  

LenderProductNew RateChange
Australian Military BankCar Loan (Up to 5 years old)3.60% and 7.30%
(4.51% - 8.76% comparison rate*)
Beyond BankLow Rate Car Loan Special Offer 5.29% (5.53% comparison rate*)-0.20%
Goldfields MoneyCar Loan (Up to 2 years old) 

Car Loan (2 to 5 years old)
5.59% (6.22% comparison rate*)

7.09% (7.73% comparison rate*)

Loans.com.auNew Car Loan

Clean Green Car Loan

Used Car Loan (Up to 4 years old)

Used Car Loan (5 to 7 years old)
4.67% (5.22% comparison rate*)

3.97% (4.51% comparison rates*)

4.67% (5.22% comparison rate*)

5.67% (6.23% comparison rate*)



Orange Credit UnionNew Car Loan 4.99% (5.35% comparison rate*)-0.40%
Police Credit UnionFixed Rate Car Loan 4.99% (5.26% comparison rate*)- 0.70%
QBankCar Loan (Up to 10 years old) 

Discounted Car Loan (Up to 5 years old)
7.99% (8.61% comparison rate*) 

5.99% (6.62% comparison rate*)

Qudos BankCar Loan (Up to 5 years old) 

Qantas Points Car Loan (Up to 5 years old)
6.19% (6.40% comparison rate*) 

7.59% (7.80% comparison rate*)


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Want to see how these rates compare to other offerings on the market? Take a peek at the table below or jump over to our car loans comparison tool for even more options!

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