Digital wallet Samsung Pay has a new loyalty card feature

Samsung Pay users can upgrade their digital wallets and start loading loyalty cards of participating retailers to shop with the app, the electronics giant has announced.

Aussies with Samsung Galaxy phones have the option to add four loyalty programs on the payment technology, and earn retail specific rewards as they normally would.

“At the heart of the Samsung Pay loyalty feature is great convenience and value,” said Brett Inman, Head of Mobile Commerce and New Business at Samsung Australia.

“This technology will help Australians get the most out of loyalty programs at their favorite stores and it is an exciting development for people who use their smartphone as the central device to organise and enjoy their lives.”

Samsung currently has 18 loyalty partners on board, including Dymocks, Toys”R”us, Oporto, and even RACQ.

Once loyalty card customers have loaded relevant barcodes on the Samsung Pay app, they can simply hover their phone over compatible merchant terminals and earn points specific to the retailer.

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“From making it easy for their customers to earn and redeem points, to providing unique offers based on a customer’s location, mobile payment technology will help businesses develop strong relationships with their customers,” noted Inman.

But the new app extension comes at a time of uncertainty for Samsung, whose most recent model, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, was officially recalled after phone batteries were reportedly bursting into flames.

Several airlines have jumped to ban the Samsung model over the fire hazard risks they pose on board.

Company profits also plummeted as a result of the global tech blunder, leaving room for other smartphone companies to compete against Apple.

Which credit cards are compatible with Samsung Pay?

Two credit card companies have partnered with Samsung since the payment app first arrived for Australians back in June, meaning plastic issued by the following providers are compatible:

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