HSBC joins growing number of banks offering Apple Pay

HSBC has introduced Apple Pay for its credit card customers, joining a growing number of banks opting in to the mobile payment technology.

Graham Heunis, Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management at HSBC Australia said that the bank had launched Apple Pay in five other global markets, and was looking forward to bringing it to its Australian customers.

“The majority of our customers’ credit card payments are contactless and our experience in other markets shows us we can expect an increase in contactless payments as customers rapidly adopt Apple Pay,” he said.

For now, the mobile payment platform is available to HSBC credit cardholders with either a Visa or MasterCard issued by the bank, though Heunis said there were plans to roll out Apply Pay for debit cardholders in the coming weeks.

Apple Pay technology offers customers an easy, fast way to spend. And rewards card lovers can rest easy, as cardholders will continue to earn credit card rewards while using Apple Pay.

For online shopping through an app or a browser, Apple Pay works with devices including iPhone 6 and later, iPhone SE, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 and later.

For customers who opt to use Apple Pay at the counter, the technology is compatible with iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and eventually, with the Apple Watch.

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Other financial institutions offering Apple Pay include ANZ, AMEX, Bank of Sydney, Australian Unity and People’s Choice Credit Union.

Apple’s big competitor in the smartphone market, Samsung, has its own mobile payment technology, called Samsung Pay, used by providers including Westpac, AMEX and Citibank.

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