UniBank Credit Card

7.90% p.a. for 6 months then 11.50% p.a.

7.90% p.a. for 6 months and then 11.50% p.a.


UniBank Credit Card Review

Rates and fees information correct as at 23 June 2018.

Review published: 25 October 2017

What's hot:

  • Multiple Mozo Experts Choice winner

  • Low 7.90% purchase rate for the first 6 months

  • No annual fee

What's not:

  • $4 cash advance fee

  • 2.45% foreign exchange margin

Mozo snapshot:

Taking out two 2017 Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Low Rate Credit Card and No Annual Fee Credit Card, as well as a 2018 Award for best Low Rate Travel Credit Card is the UniBank Credit Card, with its 7.90% purchase rate for the first 6 months, low 11.50% cash advance rate and no annual fee. If you’re someone who prefers convenience over prestige, this is the card you need.

Key features:

If you’re a frugal spender after a low rate card, the UniBank Credit Card could be the card you’ve been searching for. Although you’ll only have the 7.90% purchase rate for the first 6 months, the rate will then jump to a very reasonable 11.50% purchase rate once this period expires. And while you’ll have access to a low 11.50% cash advance rate, it’s still a good idea to refrain from ATMs with this card because of the $4 cash advance fee. There’s no annual fee, and you’ll also receive up to 55 interest free days.

You might be happy to know that if you are looking to use the card to clear debt, the UniBank Credit Card offers a 7.90% balance transfer rate for the first 6 months before it reverts to 11.50%.

If you’d like to have an extra card issued for a family member, you won’t pay a thing and only need to make sure they’re over 18. Plus if you’re an Android user, you can use your UniBank Credit Card to access Google Pay. Online shoppers also need to remember the 2.45% foreign exchange margin.

Who it's good for:

The UniBank Credit Card is a great choice for the mindful spender, looking for convenience and simplicity in their plastic.

Any catches?

If you love to online shop on a regular basis or prefer to always use cash, you need to be aware of the 2.45% foreign exchange fee and $4 cash advance fee that can take a large stab at your bank account. 

The Mozo community has not yet rated UniBank for this credit card.


  • 11.50% p.a.

  • 7.90% p.a. for 6 months

  • 7.90% p.a. for 6 months and then 11.50% p.a.

  • no

  • 11.50% p.a.

  • 55


  • $0.00

  • none

  • none

  • none

  • $10.00

  • $4.00

  • 2.45%

  • $7.00

  • $25.00

  • $0.00

Other financial bits

  • none

  • 3.0


  • yes

  • none

  • none

About UniBank

UniBank is an independent, state based, customer owned credit society based on the principles of mutuality. Since its beginnings in 1964, UniBank has grown into a niche market provider of financial products and services in Western Australia. UniBank offers a full range of banking products and services, including savings, investment and loan accounts, as well as insurance, travel, international currency and financial planning services.

**Saving based on the average difference in fees and charges over 3 years between the most competitive product Mozo can refer a consumer to and the average credit card product input by 6,863 consumers (average balance of $4,262 or balance transfer balance of $5,818, interest rate of 19.6% and annual fee of $36.50) who used the Mozo Credit Card Health Check tool between 1 January 2012 to July 2012.

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