No annual fee credit cards

Everybody hates bank fees. And who doesn't love a fee free credit card? There are plenty of great deals going around, including no annual fee credit cards and other low fee and interest deals.

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Are there any downsides to a no annual fee credit card?

Well, most no or low fee credit cards don't offer rewards programs (some do, but they're perhaps not the most rewarding programs around). Plus some no annual fee credit cards sting you with higher interest rates - so if you occasionally forget to pay your monthly balance, or have an ongoing credit debt, you're probably better off with a low rate credit card.

Are no annual fee credit cards better than low rate ones?

Why not let Mozo's Credit Card Switch & Save Calculator crunch the numbers? If you have ongoing debt, it'll find the best deal in seconds.

How do I compare no annual fee credit cards?

If you're after still more deals than the latest no annual fee card deals listed below, try our search tool. You can rank the whole credit card market from lowest to highest annual fee in seconds.

No annual fee credit card comparisons on Mozo - rates updated daily

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No annual fee and low fee credit cards

If you are after a new credit card or looking to switch cards you might be wondering why you'd opt for a card that charges fees over one that doesn't?

If only the credit card world was that simple. Luckily for you, you've got us to help explain things more clearly than some of the banks and card providers that have credit card deals in Australia. Our quick guide below will give you the info you need to decide whether a low fee or a no fee card is going to be a good choice for your wallet.

What's the difference between a low fee and a no annual fee credit card?

How do I find the right low or no annual fee card for me?

Credit card calculators, what numbers should I be crunching? 

How do I apply for a no annual fee credit card?

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