Kogan set to enter the energy market in late 2019

On the hunt for a new portable heater as the winter chill sets in? Well pretty soon you’ll be able to add an energy plan to your cart to go along with it. 

Yesterday, online retailer Kogan announced that it would be soon moving into the energy market under the name Kogan Energy. 

There are no set prices or plans announced for the moment, however details are expected to be announced closer to the launch. 

And since they’ve partnered with Australia’s greenest energy retailer, Powershop Australia, it’s a safe guess that Kogan could be taking a clean approach to their energy plans. 

In case you didn’t know, Powershop Australia are part of the Meridian Energy, Australia’s largest renewable energy generator, which according to Executive Director of Kogan.com, David Shafer, “provides world class generation from some of Australia’s leading wind farms and hydro power stations.” 

“This partnership will enable Kogan.com to offer Aussies low cost power and gas, and a first-class customer experience using technology that will enable customers to easily track their energy usage at any time,” he said. 

Taking the financial market by storm 

Kogan are no strangers in venturing into household and financial services, with offerings that  have even caught the eyes of Mozo’s expert judges. 

In March, Kogan was awarded two Mozo Experts Choice Home Loan Awards for its Essential Home Loan in the Offset Account and Investor Home Loan categories. 

And only recently, Kogan’s NBN plans picked up a massive four Mozo Experts Choice Awards across the Unlimited and Standard categories. 

“Our Mozo Experts Choice Awards show that Kogan know a thing or two about providing excellent products to their customers, whether it’s a home loan or an NBN plan,” said Mozo energy expert, Nathan Warne. 

“So the upcoming launch of Kogan Energy will hopefully spark some fierce competition among other retailers.” 

But you don’t have to wait for Kogan Energy to get yourself onto a great value energy plan. Head on over to our energy comparison tool to start comparing energy deals in your area, or by checking our some offers below. 

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