South Australians can expect the cheapest energy prices, but still have room to save

Within the next six months, South Australians can expect the cheapest energy bills across the country, according to energy experts.

The change has come in response to a gas deal that has increased gas generation in the state after a major blackout occurred in February, which saw 40,000 homes with no power.

Solar Council chief executive, John Grimes, has even encouraged Aussies to demand answers from providers should energy prices remain the same.

“If it’s not (cheaper) then the question is, why are the big power companies gouging the people,” Grimes told reporters in Adelaide yesterday.

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But other experts believe there is still more that can be done to reduce power prices in South Australia - namely increased investment in renewable energy.

“If you increase supply, you will actually lower prices and so what we need to do is exactly what this state is doing, which is showing a leading example in encouraging investment in renewables,” said former Chief Executive for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Oliver Yates.

However, Aussies can act now to save big on their power bills by switching, as Mozo’s recent analysis saw South Australia as the second state with the biggest opportunity to save on their annual bill.

Mozo data found that energy switching savings have more than doubled in a year, with South Australia's potential to save increasing by $406!

Potential annual savings made by switching energy providers

October 2017 October 2016
StateAnnual savingAnnual saving

Source: as at 19 October 2017

“This goes to show that even if you switch energy providers this time last year, there is a good chance that there is an even better deal out there”, said Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont.

Mozo’s tips for cooling your energy bill this summer

Do a household audit - Do a quick walkthrough of your home and take note of anything that can be adjusted or changed in order to lower your energy bill. For example, switching to fluorescent bulbs to cut lighting costs or replacing your aicons filter to improve its efficiency.

Use fans instead - How many times have you switched the aircon on when you were the only person home? By using fans instead, you’ll be able to only cool the room you need to without wasting energy elsewhere.

Switch on during off peak hours - If you’ve got a flexible energy plan and can get a cheaper rate during off peak hours, make the effort to do washing in the morning and the dishes at night.

But switch off just the same - Outdoor activities are what summer is all about, so head outside when the heat is tolerable, but don’t forget to switch off appliances! It drains 5% of your total energy bill, remember?

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