The cheapest energy providers by state revealed

If you cringe whenever someone suggests air conditioning, or pack the washer and dryer so full nothing gets clean, it may be time to reconsider your relationship with your energy provider. The 2018 Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards might help you take the leap, revealing the cheapest energy plans available to everyday Aussies.

In Mozo’s Experts Choice Awards, the experts analysed plans offered by a total of 30 energy providers supplying energy both residentially and for small businesses, in these award categories: Electricity, Green Electricity, Solar-Friendly Electricity and Gas Plans. The award winning plans had one thing in common, that they were all the most cost-effective in their state.

“Switching energy providers is something a lot of Australians shy away from, lumping it into the ‘too hard’ category, but the awards exist to highlight the cheapest plans available in each state, making it that much easier to take the plunge,” said Mozo Data Manager, Peter Marshall.

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In order to find the winners in each state, the Mozo judges gathered quotes from a range of different customer scenarios, considering things such as different distributor areas and different levels of usage in their calculations.

“Energy prices can vary based on the area in which it is distributed, as well as how much energy someone uses,” said Marshall. “This is because how much energy you use can affect the influence of daily supply charges versus usage charges.”

The Mozo judges also excluded plans that had one-off or upfront discounts, as they didn’t provide the best judge of value.

So, what are the energy retailers offering the cheapest plans in each state?

With high energy prices here to stay, Aussies are looking for any way to save on their power bill, and switching plans to a cheaper deal is one great way to do it.

Our experts have awarded top performing energy providers from each state, and for the provider that won the most awards in their state, they were awarded Energy Retailer of the Year.

Check them out below:

Cheapest energy plans in NSW. 

In New South Wales, QEnergy took out no less than five awards, landing itself in the top spot of NSW Energy Retailer of the Year. It won awards for Residential and Small Business Electricity, and Small Business Solar-Friendly Electricity plans.

“Five awards is substantial, and with so much to offer across a range of categories, it only made sense to award QEnergy,” Marshall said.

And as for the Gas Awards, CovaU took out the top gong in NSW, for its great value plan.

Cheapest energy plans in QLD.

Powershop impressed in Queensland by winning awards across the board, taking out five gongs for its Residential Electricity plans, as well as Small Business Electricity, Green Electricity and Solar Friendly Electricity. Because of this, it won Queensland Electricity Retailer of the Year.

“It was clear to us that Powershop deserved to win Electricity Retailer of the Year in Queensland as the value of their products was consistent across multiple categories,” Marshall said.  

Cheapest energy plans in VIC.

Victorians looking for a more cost effective energy plan can rely on Tango Energy, which won eight Mozo Experts Choice Awards and the title of Victorian Electricity Retailer of the Year for providing great residential Electricity plans and Solar-Friendly Electricity plans and Small Business Electricity and Solar-Friendly plans.

“Eight awards is no easy feat, and Tango have definitely impressed,” said Marshall.

“Australians are looking to save where they can, and that’s where our Victorian Electricity Retailer of the Year awards comes in, finding the best energy plans for the lowest prices.”

The Mozo Judges also found the best plans in South Australia and the ACT. To see what those winners were and a full list of other great plans in NSW, QLD and VIC, head to the Mozo Experts Choice Awards homepage.

Or, if you’re looking at switching energy providers and want to compare from a range of providers in your area, visit our energy comparison hub.


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