Victorians to save on energy if they sweat it out this summer

Victorian home and business owners will be paid to cut their energy use during times of peak demand this summer in order to avoid statewide blackouts.

The “demand management” strategy comes after market operator AEMO issued bleak blackout forecasts for South Australia and Victoria earlier this week with energy demands expected to outweigh supply across both states this summer.

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Victorians taking part in the scheme will volunteer to be put on a standby list to cut their power usage for as little as 30 minutes during times of peak demands.

By turning down air conditioners or turning off pool pumps these households will be able to earn credits on their power bill in return for easing the demand on the power grid.

The trial, which will be run by the Australian Energy Market Operator and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, is projected to save customers who take part up to $500 on their annual energy bills.

For consumers who are happy to sweat it out in favour of saving some extra cash, participating energy retailers will be announced in late October and will be independently responsible for recruiting customers.

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The relief provided by customers who cut their energy use could save Victorians from the kind of wide-ranging blackout that their South Australian neighbours experienced last year.

This is just one of a variety of strategies expected to be rolled out over the coming months in an attempt to solve Victoria’s energy shortage crisis before summer demands ramp up.

Mozo’s top tips to cut energy usage this summer

  • Stay shady: On days when the mercury is expected to climb pretty quickly, close windows, pull the curtains and shut the blinds -  a dark room stays cooler for longer.
  • Cut cooking time: Ovens and stoves are huge energy drainers so make the most of summery salads, seafood and fresh fruits that don’t require much cooking.
  • Stock the fridge: On the topic of food, a well-stocked fridge retains the cool much easier than an empty one. So keep yours topped up, check its seals and keep the thermostat at 3 degrees for the fresh food compartment and -18 degrees for the freezer to keep your fridge running at maximum efficiency.
  • Tune out and get out: You know what’s better than Netflix? Nature! Turn off those consoles and TVs and get outside - the great outdoors are pretty awesome.

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