Who has the best solar-friendly and green electricity plans?

With renewable energy growing in popularity, and Aussies turning to solar in record numbers, having affordable green energy options available to everyday Australians is becoming more and more necessary.

Luckily, we’ve just released our award winners for the Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards, finding the providers offering the cheapest Green Electricity and Solar-friendly Electricity plans in each state.

Mozo’s experts analysed 30 providers and their products in NSW, QLD, VIC, the ACT and SA to find the solar-friendly and green plans delivering Aussies the best value for their money.

“Every year we’re seeing more people go green, and we’re committed to finding the cheapest plans available to those that are conscious of their environmental footprint,” said Mozo Data Manager, Peter Marshall.

Take a look at the best value green energy and solar-friendly plans below:

Best Residential Green Electricity plans by state

The Green Electricity winners were those offering the cheapest green power plans available for residential use.

The Mozo judges were looking to award energy providers that demonstrated a commitment to making a difference to the future of the energy sector, so only those providers that achieved high ratings in the Green Electricity Guide 2018 qualified for a Mozo Experts Choice Award.

“The awards only considered plans that allowed customers to purchase 100% GreenPower,” said Marshall. “This standard was applied in order to stack plans fairly against each other.”

In NSW, VIC, SA and QLD, AGL took out the top gong for its Essentials with 100% GreenPower plan. However, in the ACT, the Energy Locals Member Promise 2020 with 100% GreenPower took out the top spot.

Best Residential Solar-friendly Electricity plans by state

The criteria for winners of the Solar-friendly Awards was that the winning plans had to provide the cheapest energy for customers with solar panels already set up.

The calculations took into account situations where some electricity generated was fed back into the grid, how much a household would earn from the plan’s feed-in tariff, as well as the cost of buying electricity from the grid.

“Maximising savings is on everyone's mind, and one way Aussies can do that is to go solar. Our Experts Choice Awards point you in the right direction, revealing plans that could cut down your power bill a great deal,” said Marshall.

In NSW, winners included EnergyAustralia for its Secure Saver plan, and Powerdirect with its Market offer. VIC winners included Globird Energy, which won two awards for their EasySave and Glosave plans, and Tango Energy for its Home eSelect and Home Select plans.

In SA, amaysim took out a gong for its solar 2 plan, and Powerdirect’s Market Offer made a second appearance. EnergyAustralia’s SecureSaver took out the top spot in QLD, and Origin Energy’s Solar Boost won top gong in the ACT.

It doesn’t matter if you’re motivated by saving money, reducing your environmental footprint or both, one thing’s for sure: the Mozo Experts Choice Green and Solar-friendly Energy Awards can help you kill two birds with one stone. Head over there to see the full list of winners.

Or, if you want to see how much you’d save by switching to a green plan, head over to our energy cost cruncher, and select ‘important’ next to ‘Green Energy Plans’ or ‘yes’ next to ‘Do you have solar panels?’


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