5 autumn energy saving tips to turn down the heat on your power bill

Autumn finally set foot in Australia this month. Or did it? With the Bureau of Meteorology predicting warmer than average autumn temperatures in northern Australia and southeast mainland, it still feels a lot like summer. 

For many of us this means we’re not going to see that seasonal relief on our autumn electricity bill before winter hits. But there are a number of things you can do to turn down the heat on your electricity bills. Here are our top 5 energy saving tips for autumn:

Tip #5 Follow the summer saving tips

Continue to find energy efficient ways to stay cool - use pedestal fans instead of the aircon, keep the windows shut and the curtains drawn on hot days, take cold showers and make the most of the great outdoors.

Tip #4 Prepare for the holidays

With autumn comes Easter and with Easter comes the holiday season. So if you’re planning to take off for a few days, make sure to switch off all appliances like televisions, microwaves and gaming consoles at the power point so they’re not sucking electricity on standby mode while you’re away basking in the sun. Also, if the kids will be home through most of their school holidays this can add extra kWhs to your electricity bill. So give them some fun lessons in energy saving and get the little ones do their bit to lower your energy spending.

Tip #3 Go for eco-friendly home reno ideas

If you’re thinking of an autumn home renovation project then try making some eco-friendly changes around the house? Install high windows or skylights to improve natural lighting, replace old appliances with energy efficient ones (look for the highest energy star rating you can afford), get high quality LEDs to get rid of low efficiency lighting and add flow restrictors or nozzles to hand basins and sinks to limit water wastage.

Tip #2 Plan for energy efficient heating and cooling

Heating and cooling together account for 40% of household energy use, according to the government site YourHome. To keep these costs under control think about making some design changes to your house. For instance, add an extra layer of insulation to the roof and walls and fix any broken window frames to prevent unintended heat loss or gain. If possible, zone your home so you can only heat or cool the rooms you are using. And watch that aircon temperature because every 1 degree lower for cooling and 1 degree higher for heating can add 10% to the running costs. The smaller the gap between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your costs.

Tip #1 Switch plans in time for winter

With just three months now left until winter, autumn is the perfect time to compare the latest energy deals in your area. Mozo’s free energy comparison tool makes this a breeze. It can help you come some of the latest energy plans that are available in your area. 


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