Summer energy savings tips

Grass in sunshine

The summer months of the year bring hot weather and sunny days, but also often see higher energy bills due to the need to keep cool with air conditioning and fans. 

There are a number of things you can do around the home to ensure your summer energy bill doesn’t skyrocket, all without sacrificing comfort. We’ve partnered with the recently awarded Ampol Energy on top tips to help you keep the power bill down without letting the heat win.

Tips to beat the heat 

Summer brings with it hot days and nights that can at times get uncomfortable without a way to cool yourself down. Rather than suffer sweaty days to bring your power bill down, here are a couple of ways you can beat the heat:

  • Clean your air conditioner’s filter
  • Make use of your windows.

By cleaning your air conditioner’s filter, you can make it around 15% more efficient. Clear off any dust and grime that may have accumulated since the last time you cleaned the filter, and you may notice the difference the next time you turn it on.

Speaking of your air conditioner, it’s one of the biggest energy draws in your home. We’re not saying don’t use it, but if you can minimise the amount you rely on the device, you’ll see the savings when your energy bill rolls around. 

Keeping your home’s windows open at night and closing them throughout the day allows the cool air to circulate throughout your home. At the hottest points of the day, ensure your blinds or curtains are shut as well to keep the sun out, and you may find yourself relying less on your air conditioner.

Light your home the natural way

Along with warm weather, summer brings plenty of sunshine our way. Take advantage of the bright summer days to light your home, switching off lamps and globes that you may not need. You can also:

  • Open your blinds and curtains when not too hot
  • Invest in dimmers, timers and sensors

Open your blinds and curtains while it’s not too hot to let the sunlight in to brighten up your home. While it may be too hot to do this during the middle of a warm summer day, early mornings and evenings should be alright, and the sunlight will keep you from relying on lights around your home. 

Speaking of your home’s lights, consider investing in dimmers, timers and sensors for your lights, so they can be switched on when needed (and off when not). If there are any lights in your home that frequently get left on when not in use, a sensor can help bring down the cost you’re incurring on your power bill.

Consider going solar

Solar energy is growing in popularity around Australia, with more than 30% of Aussie homes featuring rooftop solar panels. Not only can solar bring your power bills down dramatically, but it can help you take more charge of your energy.

You can:

  • Consider a rooftop solar and battery system
  • Consider solar lighting for outdoors.

While an initial investment is required to install solar panels and a battery in your home, over time, you can save on your energy bills by reducing your reliance on energy from the grid.

If you’ve got outdoor lighting, perhaps in a garden or along a driveway, consider switching them to solar as well. These lights can power themselves, and most have timers that tell the lights when to turn on and off. 

Find the right energy plan for your home

This last one may sound obvious, but it’s surprising how much money you can save by changing energy providers. If you’ve been with your current provider for some time, chances are any benefit period you received is over and you may be able to find a better deal on the market.

Here at Mozo, we make it easy for you to compare energy providers in your area and find options that will bring your power bills down. 

To find and compare providers in your area, head over to our energy hub or check out the Powering On Plan from Ampol Energy.

Ampol Energy Powering On Plan
  • Only available in the Energex distribution network
  • 10c p/L fuel discount on eligible fuels at participating Ampol locations (T&Cs apply)
  • No lock in contracts or exit fees
  • Winner of 2023 Mozo Experts Choice Award

Named the best value residential electricity plan for Queensland in the 2023 Mozo Experts Choice Awards, the Powering On plan by Ampol Energy is worth considering if you live in South East Queensland. It offers single rate tariff as well as time of use plans, and if you have rooftop solar there is feed in tariff of 5c per KWh exported. There are no lock in contracts or exit fees to deal with if you decide that you want to switch providers.