Top (wallet friendly) ways to heat your home this winter

In the words of Ned Stark from Game of Thrones, “winter is coming”. And while it probably won’t bring the same blistering winds and icy frost as the lands of Westeros, it does get cold enough in Australia to see a spike in your energy usage.

So avoid a pricey electricity bill this winter by following these top power saving tips:

1. Harness the sun’s free heat

We all love freebies, and the star that we orbit is giving us a lot of free heat, all we need to do is capture it. And one of the easiest, and probably the most obvious ways is by making sure you use your curtains wisely (yes you heard right, those drapes that hang from your windows).

The days are pretty short in winter thanks to daylight savings, so you’ll want to make sure you keep the curtains open to let that precious free light in. And once the day has come to an end close them to ensure you retain the heat that has warmed up your home during the day.

2. Add rugs to your home decor

Do you have timber or wooden floors? Then it could be time to visit your local Rugmasters. Not only will a sheepskin or persian rug add a splash of colour to your living area, during winter they can add another much needed layer of insulation.

3. Adjust your thermostat

Most heaters come with an inbuilt thermostat that allows you to choose the temperature you would like to keep the room at. If your heater doesn’t come with a thermostat, you can purchase a portable electronic thermostat from a number of online stores like and

Once you enter the colder months, Origin Energy recommends setting the temperature to 18-20°C, as additional heating or cooling will result in energy wastage.

4. Switch to a reverse cycle aircon

When it comes time to upgrade your heater, consider switching to a more environmentally friendly option like a 5-6 star rated reverse cycle air conditioner. According to the Australian Government this will produce less than one-fifth of the emissions of conventional electric heaters.

5. Renovate the green way

If you’re planning a renovation in the near future also consider adding insulation to your roof and walls, which can help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Other tricks that you should consider when undertaking a home reno (or should we say reno-vestment) is fixing any chipped window frame surfaces that may have caused air leaks and adding seals to the bottom of your doors.

Looking for more ways to slash your electricity bill? Head on over to our electricity comparison tool where you can compare some of the available in plans in your local area. 


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