Why spring is the best season for energy savings

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Spring is upon us, and now is the perfect time to cut costs on your energy bill. Without the typically high heating costs of winter or the need for air conditioning and fans that summer brings, spring brings an opportunity to bring down your energy costs and save money.

We’ve collected some tips and tricks below to help you cut back on your energy usage and save money on your energy bill.

Can warmer weather help reduce my bills?

The cold weather of winter is slowly giving way to the heat of summer. Spring is the perfect transition period to switch your energy-heavy heaters off without the need to bring fans and aircons to life. 

With rising temperatures, open blinds and shutters to allow the sun to heat up your home. If you need a heater in the morning or evening try to limit your usage or keep the temperature as close to the outdoor temperature as you can. The more your air conditioner has to work to change the temperature of your home, the more energy it has to use.

It may also be a time to consider upgrading or repairing any heaters, fans or air conditioners you may have while you’re not relying on them as heavily. As a general rule, newer and regularly-maintained appliances are better at conserving energy and thus bring your energy bill down. There is obviously an upfront cost involved in upgrading or repairing your appliances, but it will help you cut down on costs in the long run. 

Spring also brings more opportunity to make use of the sun shining during the day to get your laundry dry, cutting back on using your drier. 

Let sunlight keep your home bright

More sunlight during the day means you should have less need to switch lights on around your house. 

Ensure your blinds or shutters are open and light your home naturally, and save switching on your lights for night-time to cut back on energy usage. 

Speaking of using your lights at night, if you’ve got halogen globes consider replacing them with LEDs or compact fluorescent lights which are not only more energy efficient, but have a longer lifespan. 

If you’ve got outdoor lighting at your home, consider replacing them with solar options. These lights draw power in from the sun during the day, storing that power for use during the night. Some solar lights come complete with timers allowing you to set and forget.

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Spring clean your appliances

We’ve already mentioned ensuring your air conditioner is up to scratch this spring, and that should include cleaning its filters and surfaces. Air conditioners are not the only appliances you should spring clean, however.

Refrigerators are another major appliance you should clean. Wipe down all shelves and drawers to remove any build-up, throw out old or expired food and check your refrigerator coils (at the rear of the appliance) are free of dirt and other debris. 

Ensuring your refrigerator is clean allows the appliance to work as it should, conserving energy compared to a refrigerator working harder to overcome any obstructions to its operation. 

Did you know that dishwashers save water and energy in comparison to hand washing dishes? So long as your dishwasher has a reasonable energy-rating, it will be able to use less hot water to clean your dishes than hand washing in a sink. 

Heating water is a fairly expensive energy cost in most households, so cutting down on hand washing can save you both time and money. Who likes washing their dishes in the sink anyway?

Check your energy plan

It sounds simple: finding an energy plan that charges you less for your energy usage will of course bring your bill down. Yet most households rarely change their energy provider, sticking with the same company year in and year out. 

This spring is the perfect time to compare providers over at our energy hub to find who is offering the cheapest energy plan in your area. With energy providers frequently changing deals and tariffs to better meet customer needs, there’s always new ways to save on your energy bill. 

The government is also offering support for homes and businesses impacted by COVID-19. If you’re struggling to afford your energy costs due to the pandemic, you can see if there’s help available for you. 

Looking to save on your energy bill? Head over to our energy hub to find and compare providers and plans in your area, or use our handy energy comparison tool below.

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