2020 Mozo People’s Choice Awards reveals Australia’s favourite way to shop

In case you hadn’t noticed, Aussies don’t mess around when it comes to doing the groceries. Let’s face it, we all have a favourite supermarket, and at some point or another, we’ve all had our say in the age-old Woolies vs Coles chocolate mud cake debate.

So, you can only imagine how intense things got when we decided to settle the argument once and for all when we gave the people a list of big-name Aussie supermarkets for assessment in our Ipsos survey earlier this year.

But, low and behold, after counting the votes of thousands of Australians, we finally found the winners of this year’s Mozo People’s Choice Awards for supermarkets and online supermarkets!

“A firsthand customer opinion is truly invaluable, so, to give you just that, we called in the troops and spoke to thousands of Aussies about both their in-store and online shopping experiences with some of Australia’s biggest supermarket chains,” said Mozo Research Manager, Peter Marshall.

Australia’s favourite Supermarkets:

To determine the winners of the 2020 Mozo People’s Choice Awards Supermarket category, we asked a total of 3,150 Australians to rate their shopping experiences with 12 different supermarkets based on a wide range of factors.

“Considering that groceries make up such a large part of our regular household budgets, it’s always good to know where you could save a few extra pennies on the weekly shop,” Marshall said.

When put to the test against thousands of Aussies, the supermarket that came out with a Value For Money Award was none other than Aldi. But that’s not all. Aldi wowed the crowd by taking home a total of six 2020 Mozo People’s Choice Awards in the Supermarket category:

  • Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Award
  • Freshness Award
  • Value For Money Award
  • Store Environment Award
  • Staff Friendliness Award
  • Most Recommended Award

“Not only do we spend a lot of money at the supermarket, but we spend a lot of time there too. Which means that other factors like customer service and the store atmosphere are also quite integral to our overall shopping experience,” said Marshall.

Other supermarkets to take out an award in the Supermarket category were IGA who won a ‘Staff Friendliness’ award and Woolworths who took home a Range of Products Award.

Australia’s favourite Online Supermarkets:

While some might consider grocery shopping to be therapeutic, others would love nothing more than to snap their fingers and it’d be done. Well, thank goodness for online shopping right? Which brings us to our next awards category: Online Supermarkets!

When we asked 1,047 Australians to give us the scoop on their favourite place to do the grocery shopping online, there was one clear answer …Woolworths!

“For the second year in a row, we saw Woolworths blitz the Mozo People’s Choice Awards, taking out all six awards in the Online Supermarkets category,” said Marshall.

Woolworths’ 2020 Mozo People’s Choice Award-winnings:

  • Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Award
  • Range of Products Award
  • Freshness Award
  • Online Shopping Experience Award
  • Delivery Service Award
  • Click & Collect Award

Go check out the full 2020 Mozo People’s Choice Awards winners list to see Australia’s favourite banks, insurance companies, electricity providers, plus, so much more! You can read the methodology report to find out about all the assessment criteria used in the 2020 Mozo People’s Choice Awards.