5 tips for a budget-friendly kids party

5 tips for a budget-friendly kids party

Pulling your hair out trying to plan a kids party? We don’t blame you. Themes, venues, entertainment. There’s so much to consider - and it all adds up.

But remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about creating a memorable experience for your child. Not whether you sprung for the more expensive lolly bag loot or went for the ‘no-frills’ option instead (trust us, they won’t know the difference).

So, if you need a little inspo for a budget-friendly birthday bash, then check out these 5 tips:

1. Have the party at home

Why spend thousands on an extravagant party venue when you could do it for free at home? If you don’t have room for an army of sugar-fuelled terrors to run amok in your backyard, then you could always hold it at your local park (or at a generous grandparents house!).

Moral of the story: Cutting out venue costs means you can put your money towards the things that matter most to the birthday boy or girl. 

If you do end up opting for an alternate venue, do your research and ask if they offer group discounts.

2. When it comes to the theme, less is always more

When picking a theme for the party, it helps to keep it as broad as possible, so you and your guests aren't limited in choice.

For example, instead of going for a ‘Frozen’ theme, you might opt for a fantasy-themed party to allow for more wiggle room when it comes to decorations and costumes.

3. Save stacks on entertainment

3. Save stacks on entertainment

When hosting a kids party, the biggest challenge is keeping the guests (who have the attention span of a goldfish) entertained for hours on end without having to recreate the Super Bowl halftime show.

Hint: Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Tap into what they already love but give it a twist!

Forget creepy clowns or petting zoos. For a fraction of the price, you could hire or buy a projector and hang an old white sheet to create an epic outdoor cinema experience right in your backyard.

And if you’re after infinite family-friendly movie options, for just $11.99 per month or $119.99 per year (save over 15% with an annual subscription), Disney+ is where it’s at!

4. Bake the cake yourself

Why spend a fortune on a fancy store-bought birthday cake when you could whip something up yourself?

Just jump on Pinterest, and you’ll find tonnes of easy-to-follow birthday cake recipes and tutorials that you can try out at home.

5. Shop around for food & decorations

When it comes to buying food, decorations and all that good stuff, make sure to shop around for the best price. 

It’s often cheaper to buy in bulk, so it might even be worth making a trip to Costco to stock up on things like party pies, sausage rolls, lollies, drinks and serviettes. 

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