August 2019 Financial Checklist

August is here! Which means we’re one month closer to kissing the cold goodbye for another year. We’ve loaded up this month’s financial checklist with some hot tips and tricks to get you through the tail end of winter.

We’ve got the tea on grocery shopping without having to brave the cold, shining a light on the truth about travel insurance, plus so much more. So, rug up and get comfy, cause it’s time for another fine financial checklist!

Travel insurance, check!

So, you’re going against the grain and hitting up Europe in September when it’s not crawling with uni students? Wise move. Do you know what’s wiser? Buying travel insurance. Now, before you scoff and roll your eyes into the next dimension, you never need travel insurance, until you need it! 

Oh, but you’re only heading to Bali? That doesn’t mean you can get away without travel insurance. Trust us. It’s all fun and games until someone gets Bali-belly. So, if you’ve booked a bougie Bali villa, don’t just “risk it for the biscuit”. Be smart and get travel insurance.

Restock your rations

There’s only one month left of winter, but mother nature’s clearly still working her way up to an icy crescendo. Running out of rations in hibernation? Before you take one for the team and brave the cold for some groceries, we’ve got a better solution.

It just so happens that last month we announced the winners of our first-ever Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Online Grocery Services. After knocking out an award in every category, Woolworths was crowned Online Grocery Service of the Year! So snuggle up by the fire and get your groceries delivered right to your door this August.

Check-in with your finances

Last week on Monday Moneyvators we chatted about levelling up to a better credit card deal. So, why not go one step further and review your finances and other expenses for potential savings this month? 

How competitive is your current savings account interest rate - especially after the RBA rate cuts? Use our high-interest savings account comparison tool to see how it stands in the market, then make the switch if you find a better deal. New to negotiating? Check out our guide on how to haggle your way to a better deal!

Live it up like a Leo

Computer malfunctions? Miscommunications? Daily meltdowns? Two words: Mercury retrograde (AKA the planetary disaster that wreaks havoc over communication, technology, logic and emotions 3-4 times per year). Yep. Mercury retrograde’s been pulling the strings for the past month, but, not to fear, Leo’s here!

So, if you haven’t already changed your name and fled to Mexico, then congratulations, you made it out alive! Why not follow in the stride of self-assured Leo and book a well-deserved holiday? You can finally recharge and relax. Until next Mercury retrograde, that is…

Hit up our life & money hub for the latest money hacks, otherwise, meet us back here next month for our September Financial Checklist!