December 2020 Financial Checklist

December 2020 Financial Checklist

Ladies and gentleman, we’ve officially reached the final chapter of 2020. Who would’ve thought? After a year that’s truly been like no other, I’d like to congratulate you all for seeing it through to the end.

And so, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas …and an incredibly low-key new year! Your December 2020 Financial Checklist awaits:

1. Save stacks by swooping in on sales

Without a little prior planning, doing the Christmas shopping can wind up costing you a fortune. But by taking advantage of sales, you could potentially save a tonne of money. Loads of stores are offering extended Black Friday sales, so if you’re quick you might still be able to catch a bargain!

Otherwise, be sure to jump on Instagram’s upcoming in-app InstaNight Shopping event at 6pm, Thursday, December 3 to score exclusive offers from brands like David Jones, M.A.C. BANGN BODY, Bed Threads, HiSmile, Culture Kings and more!

2. Embrace the gift of giving

This year we’ve seen it all, bushfires, floods, a global pandemic - the list goes on. And so, if there was ever a time to start embracing the gift of giving, now would be it.

So, when you’re dashing from store to store stocking up on stocking stuffers, consider showing your support by shopping with a small Aussie business that’s done it tough this year, or by donating to a good cause.

3. Get road trip ready for your interstate family reunion

With the country starting to open up its borders for domestic travel, you might be planning a well overdue family reunion after months of separation.

So while you’re doing all the final checks before setting off on your interstate road trip, remember to check your car insurance to ensure you’ve got all the right cover. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

4. Learn about lifestyle inflation with The Finance Burrito

Here’s what’s been happening this month on The Finance Burrito Podcast:

Episode #11: Movin' on up, movin' on out!

We all know someone who went from basic to bougie real quick after getting a new job. It's a lil’ thing called lifestyle inflation folks! Which you can hear all about in episode 11 of The Finance Burrito:

  • This episode, Tom and Liv teach you how to keep your lifestyle inflation in check and reveal if getting a pay rise is actually worth it.
  • Next Liv chats to Aussie Ash Denman about the financial benefits of ditching the Melbourne CBD for the simple life during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ash also shares how going digital with his businesses helped grow his team and improved their communication skills!
  • Then our hosts wrap things up by sharing their thoughts on whether you should be chipping in financially if you still live at home in your twenties.

Episode #12: Passion vs money: the ultimate career divider

In episode 12 of the podcast, we’re throwin’ it back to the good ole’ uni days:

  • Liv and Tom discuss money vs. passion when choosing a career, plus reveal the most popular and employable degrees in the country!
  • They then chat to year 12 student Ethan, and Elvan, a business/law student who’s just about to wrap up her degree (and younger sister of Mozo Money Writer Ceyda Erem!), about how young Aussies feel about job prospects during COVID-19 and what motivates them to study.
  • Then finally, Tom and Liv spill the beans on whether or not they’d pick up cash they found on the ground and how much it’d take for them to turn it in!

We release a new episode every second Monday, so tune in to The Finance Burrito Podcast on your fave streaming app ASAP!

5. Set a budget this Sagittarius season

Sagittarius, it’s your time to shine! After a year of kicking goals, you certainly deserve a moment in the spotlight. So, did you take in what our Mozo magic 8-ball said earlier this year about paying closer attention to your personal finances? What about getting your budget in order?

Well, there’s one month left of 2020, so you’ve still got time. Why not start by checking out one of these budgeting and savings apps?

And that’s another year’s worth of Financial Checklists done and dusted! But before you shed a tear… We’ll be back next month with a jam-packed January Checklist so you can kickstart 2021! Until then, go explore our life and money hub for loads more money-saving tips and tricks!