February 2021 Financial Checklist

February 2021 Financial Checklist

Seriously, how is 2021 already a month old? And while COVID-19 isn’t planning on taking a backseat just yet, anything’s got to be better than 2020, am I right?

So folks, as we bid farewell to the (not-so-silly) silly season and start settling into that new year grind, it’s time to dive into your much anticipated February 2021 Financial Checklist!

1. Don’t be stupid, cupid

Think fast, what comes to mind when I say “Valentine’s Day”? For the fellas, it’s probably having to live off 2-minute noodles and tacos until the first post-V-Day payday. But hear me out, there are plenty of ways to prove you’re a keeper for cheaper - seriously!

Nothing says “I love you” (and my budget) like a romantic picnic in your lounge room. Don’t have the luxury of a kid-free house? Dump the kids with nan and go have some sunset seltzers with your ‘S.O’ by the beach. And if you don’t have time to pack a basket, just grab dinner to-go from your fave local restaurant.

2. Be a back-to-school budget baller

Speaking of kids… call it childhood trauma, but those cheesy back-to-school ads still give me the heebie-jeebies, even in my twenties. If you’re a parent they probably symbolise your fave time of year.

But before you get too excited, remember to set a back-to-school shopping budget. Without a game plan, stationery, lunch boxes and other school supplies can cost a fortune. Especially when your child always manages to sneak a few extra items into the trolley for you to find at the checkout.

Hack: Have your child pick out a few things they like online then hit the shops without them. That way they still get that Frozen pencil case they want so badly, you save some cash and everybody’s happy!

3. Go green & save more green

With February being one of the hottest months of the year Down Under, you’ll probably be cranking up the aircon at the moment. Which means it could be time to consider switching to a better energy deal.

If you’re looking to go green, it was revealed in the 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards that some green electricity plans are of better value than the average offer. Here, read this article to see just how much the cheapest green energy plans could save you.

4. Learn your love language with The Finance Burrito Podcast

Here’s what’s been happening this month on The Finance Burrito Podcast:

Episode #13: A holly jolly Christmas special

In ep. 13 of the podcast, Tom and Liv get into the Christmas spirit and talk about all things gifts:

  • In this episode, our ho-ho-hosts (we had to) Tom and Liv took a look at how Aussies were planning to spend the silly season and chatted about their own gift-giving plans for the year.
  • Tom then sat with Matt and Maddie, a couple whose love language is EXTREME gift-giving. Get ready to hear about their luxe weekend stay in a treehouse and the 23 gifts Matt gave Maddie for her 23rd bday!
  • Then to wrap things up, Liv and Tom revealed the WORST Secret Santa gifts they’ve EVER received, plus, some hilarious anonymous answers from the Mozo office! 

Episode #14: The past, present & future of banking

In Episode 14, Liv and Tom turn back the clock to look at some of the top banking trends of the last decade:

  • In this season finale special our hosts sat down with one of our fave @Mozo.com.au Data Team members, Mitch Pollard. Together they mixed the “meat” in with the “source” to make one big data enchilada!
  • You’ll get the 411 on the whole 'decline of physical banking (A.K.A cash and ATM’s)' sitch, plus hear about how contactless payments and Buy Now Pay Later became the new norm.
  • Then to wrap things up, Tom, Liv and Mitch spill the beans on whether they’d re-gift a Christmas pressie on Facebook Marketplace… Take one guess at who’s the seasoned pro in this field!

Get ready for brand new episodes of The Finance Burrito Podcast coming your way soon!

5. Align with your higher self this Aquarius season

“Alexa, play ‘The Age of Aquarius’ by The 5th Dimension.” It’s your b-day Aquarius boys and gals! And what a time to be a water bearer. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about following your dreams, then 2021 just might be the time to take a leap of faith…

Our Mozo Magic 8-ball says that our Aquarius pals should start investing in themselves this year. But don’t think you need to be an Aquarius to take out a new hobby. According to the planets, 2021 has side hustle-starting energy written all over it.

That’s all folks! We’ll catch you back here next month for your March 2021 Financial Checklist! Until then, you can head on over to our life and money hub for loads more personal finance tips and tricks.