How to be the world’s best Valentine without spending a dollar

According to ME Bank’s recent survey, 81% of Aussie adults in relationships spend an average of just $50 or less on their partners' on Valentine’s Day, and only 56% of those in relationships plan to celebrate the day at all.

The survey found that of the couples who plan to celebrate Valentine’s day, 47% of Aussie women were willing to spend up to $50 at the most on their partners, while 31% of Aussie men were prepared to spend $51-$100.

It seems married couples can expect to receive more expensive Valentines gifts, with the survey revealing that 17% of married Aussie couples are happy to splurge over $200 on their spouses, compared to only 9% of unmarried couples. Similarly, young Aussies in new relationships felt more obliged to go all out for the occasion, with 19% of couples aged 18-24 years expected to spend $101-$200 on their partner.

ME Money Expert, Matthew Read said, “The longer couples are together, the less they feel the need to splash out on each other – perhaps due to a shift in financial priorities and the establishment of shared saving goals for their future.”

According to Matthew, “the sentiment of ‘money can’t buy you love’ is alive and well,” relieving the pressure on couples to spend big bucks on flashy Valentine's gifts for their partners.

“If couples are weighing up whether to spend big on gifts this year… it’s highly likely their partner is thinking similarly,” he added.

Mozo’s relationship deal breakers report also showed that sharing a similar view or approach as your partner when it comes to finances is key.

“Being on the same page when it comes to money takes one major source of stress out of a relationship, especially once you get to the point where you’re combining your savings or making big financial commitments together,” said Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont.

Mozo’s research showed that some of the biggest deal breakers for loved up Aussies were lying about finances and not being able to pay for basic expenses. So, this year, instead of putting your pennies towards frivolous gifts and overpriced roses, it could be wiser to take your relationship to the next level by starting a joint savings account together.

If you plan to boycott budget-blowing gifts this year but still want to spoil your partner rotten, here are a few priceless gift alternatives.

Create some DIY love coupons

Make your significant other a cute little book of love coupons this Valentine’s Day! When coming up with coupon ideas, have a think about what your partner would appreciate the most. It could be a relaxing massage or a scrumptious brekky in bed, or even a cozy Netflix 'n' chill day where your partner gets total control over the remote with no complaints. The key is to just have fun with it! Tip: Choose your coupons wisely. You don't want to spend the day doing something you loathe!

Make your partner a scrapbook

Roll up your sleeves and get those creative juices flowing! A handmade pressie always trumps any designer handbag or expensive cologne. To make the perfect scrapbook for your lover, you'll need the following: cute pics you've taken together, old movie & travel tickets, coasters from the bar where you first met, souvenirs from holidays together, and any other little memorabilia you can find. Once you’ve collected your supplies, just pop it all into a scrapbook and voila! Tip: Make your memories come to life by adding funny captions and thought bubbles to old pics that’ll have you both in stitches!

Put together a home movie compilation

If you’re more of a Spielberg than a Picasso, instead of a scrapbook, why not put together a little movie compilation of all your pics and videos together? It's 2019, let’s face it, we all document just about every minute of our daily lives, from what we ate for breakfast to embarrassing toilet selfies (gross). You’d be surprised by just how much video footage you’ve accumulated over time (probably enough to make an entire feature film!)

Write a love letter

Okay, we know what you’re thinking, “that’s SO cheesy!” And yeah, maybe it is. But if a “good morning” text from your boo has you smiling at your lap like a fool on the train to work, you best believe they’ll be absolutely beaming from a heartfelt handwritten love letter!

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