Introducing the insurer all pet lovers should KNOSE about!

Pet lovers everywhere, say hello to Knose, the pet insurance provider on a mission ‘to make Australian pets the healthiest and happiest in the world.’

Knose started out by offering individually tailored pet health programs to promote pet wellness, but as CEO and Co-Founder Tiaan Dreyer suggested, the pet care company always had a longer term goal of providing pet insurance for when things go wrong.

As Dreyer said, “our philosophy from the beginning was really to create a wellness plan and a pet insurance plan that go hand-in-hand with no gaps or overlaps.”

A long term goal Dreyer and Co-Founder Nathan Harris have now achieved.

That’s right, Knose now offer Knose Pet Insurance for your feline friends and canine companions! Plus with a Mozo Expert Rated badge already under its collar, this new pet insurance provider has really gotten off to a good start.

Who are Knose Pet Insurance?

With years of pet insurance experience between them, co-founders Nathan Harris and Tiaan Dreyer spotted an opportunity to create an insurance plan that might be more accessible and easier for customers to understand.

And with the aim of doing just that, Knose’s pet insurance does not involve any additional excesses. Most pet insurance plans cover a specific percentage of your costs, but also have an excess, making it hard to figure out what portion of a claim you will get back. Knose have done away with the excess, to make things a little easier for you.

As Dreyer explained, “we believe excesses can often create confusion for the customer, which is why we don’t have them.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean your furry friend will be 100% covered; with the insurance plan you can choose between a benefit percentage of either 70%, 80% or 90%.

It is also worth noting that Knose’s Pet Insurance plan is underwritten by the Australian branch of the Allied World Assurance Company. Which in turn is authorised to conduct insurance business within Australia by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

What makes Knose’s pet insurance plan so great?

Well, after conducting a thorough analysis, our experts were particularly impressed with the generous annual benefit limit and high benefit percentage offered with Knose’s Pet Insurance plan.

When analysing pet insurance plans for quality, Mozo’s experts look for leading products in the market with generous benefits and greater flexibility. 

Key features of Knose’s Pet Insurance plan include:

  • A generous annual benefit limit of $25,000 for accident and injury cover. That’s considerably higher than the average annual benefit limit offered by pet insurance providers included in the recent Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Exceptional Quality Pet Insurance (approximately $13,000).
  • The flexibility to have either 70%, 80% or 90% of valid claims covered.
  • The ability to make claims online in just minutes.
  • Cover for vet costs incurred while visiting New Zealand or Norfolk Islands, on a trip lasting less than 60 days.
  • Emergency boarding for your pet, for up to 30 days, if you are unexpectedly hospitalised for 4 or more consecutive days.
  • No confusing additional excesses to worry about!

It should be noted that as with many different pet insurance plans, waiting periods and certain exclusions apply. For instance, Knose Pet Insurance does not cover dental or pre-existing conditions.

That said, Dreyer did emphasise the fact that Knose are willing to review “curable” conditions to redetermine whether they should actually be defined as a pre-existing condition.

To explain this Dreyer said, “if a pet gets an ear infection that fully clears up and then 3 years later gets another ear infection - well that’s not the same ear infection and therefore, that condition should be covered.”

“However, most pet insurance providers would say that’s the same condition and it would not be covered.”

What’s the claims process like?

If you have a pet insurance policy with Knose, making a claim should be fairly simple. As Dreyer explained Knose make use of advanced technological software to make putting in an insurance claim easier for the customer.

“From a customer’s perspective it actually brings pet care into the 21st Century. The way pet insurance has been done traditionally - with paper forms and so forth - is quite clunky. This technology enables us to make it easier for the customer, so a customer submitting a claim can email it, they can lodge it through our online portal and they can also make a claim over the phone.”

What is the Mozo Expert Rated badge?

The Mozo Expert Rated badge endorsement is designed to recognise leading products in the market. Knose Pet Insurance missed out on being included in the Mozo Experts Choice Awards assessment process for Pet Insurance in 2019, so Mozo's experts wanted to see how they compared with those winners.

As Mozo Data Expert AJ Duncanson said, “Upon reviewing the Knose pet insurance policy we found that the level of cover and features the plan offered were among the best in the market, which is why we granted it a Mozo Expert Rated badge. Knose will be included in the Mozo Experts Choice Awards process next year.”

So if you’re searching for a pet insurance plan for your cute kitty or pawfect pooch, Knose Pet Insurance might just be worth looking into.

^ The Mozo Experts Choice Awards are designed to highlight and recognise leading products in the market. Every year our data experts analyse hundreds of products to find out which ones really are offering Australians a deal worth considering.