Is Valentine's Day a waste of money? Aussies divided

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, but according to new research by ME, fewer couples are choosing to jump on Cupid’s bandwagon. 

Almost half (49%) of couples said they won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, compared to 56% of couples last year. 

Couples giving Valentine’s Day a miss this year chalked it up to two main reasons: 55% say it’s a waste of money, while 40% believe it’s just an excuse for florists and card companies to make a profit. 

However love was still in the air for many, as couples new on the dating scene were more likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day, with 62% planning to get involved, while only 34% of those who have been in a relationship for more than 10 years were planning to partake in the occasion. 

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The data found that $150 was the average amount Aussies will be spending on their partner, while 24% of millennials and 19% of married couples anticipated they would treat their partner with gifts worth over $200. 

Fortunately, savings (71%) was the most popular method of payment to fund Valentine's Day celebrations, followed by credit cards (35%) and buy now, pay later platforms (11%). 

“For many Aussies, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for couples to reconnect and spend time together, but it shouldn’t mean sending yourself into debt,” said Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont. 

“There are a number of ways you can show your partner how much you appreciate and value them, without having to resort to credit.” 

So on that note, we decided to jot down some of our top, free date ideas for Aussie couples looking to do Valentine’s Day on a budget: 

  • Cook a three course meal together - Why go out and drop some serious cash on a three course feast when you can do it in the comfort of your own home? Cooking together can give you the chance to bond and talk in a more comfortable space. Who knows - you might end up teaching each other a thing or two! 
  • Pizza and games - Nothing beats a classic pizza and games night, especially with the current gloomy and chaotic weather going on. Boardgames also encourage a bit of healthy competition, so it might even be worth making things more interesting with a bet. Loser shouts the next date night, perhaps? 
  • DIY spa getaway- For a lot of Aussies, booking in a couple’s trip to the spa is their way to unwind. But since spa days can cost a bundle, DIY your own getaway in your bathroom! You’ll be able to lounge around in robes, indulge with some champagne and light a few scented candles. 
  • Go for a moonlight walk -  Should the weather permit it, go on a moonlight walk with your partner. Walking can be a great stress-reliever and of course, an easy way to get in some exercise. Plus, if you’re not planning on getting involved in Valentine’s Day because of the cost, use the walk as the opportunity to discuss financial goals and priorities for the future. 

And if you’re after more money-saving ideas, from fitness to trimming monthly bills, check out our family finances hub!