June 2022 Financial Checklist

June 2022 Financial Checklist

Brrr! It’s time to whip out those winter coats and electric blankets. Winter is officially here, and it’s making sure everyone knows it!

More importantly, it’s time for your favourite monthly read! Your June 2022 Financial Checklist awaits:

1. Survive winter without copping a whopper energy bill

With the days getting colder, you might be tempted to have the heater on around the clock. But doing so could potentially land you in hot water (no pun intended) with your energy bill.

We’re not saying to suffer through the cold – but if you want to keep your electricity costs down, then it might be wise to find other ways to stay warm before resorting to the more expensive option.

Open the blinds to let some sunlight in, buy an Oodie or a heated throw blanket (these are great to have while working from home).

Now might also be a great time to run an energy plan comparison to see how competitive your current plan is and potentially switch if you find something better.

2. Get sorted for tax time

“Final boarding call for Aussie taxpayers to tick off their EOFY to-do list!” The end of the financial year’s nearly here, which means time’s running out to sort any last-minute tax bits before the 30th of June.

The key to making tax time as smooth and streamlined as possible is to put in the legwork ahead of time. Get in any last big purchases and organise any receipts and documents you might need when it comes time to submit your tax return.

3. Celebrate the Queen’s B-Day in style

With the Queen’s Birthday public holiday coming up on Monday the 13th of June (HBD Queen Lizzie!), we've been blessed with yet another long weekend. 

Like many Aussies, you might be taking advantage of this day off by planning a quick little getaway. A reminder for those travelling by car to ensure your car insurance policy is all up to date before hitting the road to avoid any potential dramas.

4. What’s coming to Netflix Australia in June 2022

Name one thing that goes down better than a Netflix binge-sesh on an icy cold winter night? We’ll wait… 

And if you’re looking for new show recommendations, we’ve got you covered. From the debut of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area (Season 1) to Peaky Blinders’ sixth season return, here’s a taste of what's new to Netflix Australia in June 2022.

5. Hit the books this Gemini season

Did someone say double trouble? Yep, it’s time for the twins of the zodiac to run amok! Gemini, the Mozo Magic 8-ball says things could really shake up for you career-wise this year.

For some, this could mean a career change or perhaps diversifying your investment portfolio. It could also be a great time to dive into your education (calling all twin-sign students) or upskill in your career.

The secret sauce for you in 2022 is to try something new, Gemini!

Catch y’all back here next month for your July 2022 Financial Checklist. Until then, you can go have a look through our life & money hub!