Mozo’s 10 ‘Money Kindness’ tips to practice while social distancing

Aussies all over the country are being financially hit by the outbreak of COVID-19, and while the government is putting some stimulus packages in place to help those affected, practicing ‘Money Kindness’ with what you have is just as important as ever.  

This doesn’t mean you have to start making huge sacrifices that will end up putting you or your family in financial strife, instead it’s about small actions that could help someone that needs it. 

So with that in mind, here are Mozo’s 10 Money Kindness tips to practice while you continue social distancing - because, in the words of Troy Bolton and the Wildcats, “we’re all in this together.” 

1. Shop online with small businesses

With pubs, cafes and shops shutting their doors over the last couple of weeks, the ones that can are now relying on online sales to get them through the next few months to come. So whether you order delivery from your favourite local restaurant, still get takeaway coffees from the cafe on the corner or buy your beauty products online, keeping this up could just help save the businesses you love from going under! 

2. Pre-buy upcoming birthday gifts  

Is your mum, dads, sister’s, grandma’s, friend’s or dog’s birthday coming up in the next few months? Why not pre-buy gifts for them now to help struggling businesses? If you already know that the person you're buying for will love what you are getting now and later on when their birthday rolls around, that extra injection of cash into the business you purchase it from may just be the boost it needs to keep afloat. You could even pick up a voucher for them to spend later on when they want to. 

3. Help neighbours get essentials 

Whether you order your groceries online or head out to the supermarket, if you have elderly or immobile neighbours that may not be able to get to the shops regularly, check in to see if they need anything. This is not to say you need to tick off everything on their shopping list, but it may be as simple as getting them essentials like hand soap, toilet paper or tissues - plus, if you are opting for delivery you are saving them from forking out an extra delivery fee!  

4. Use what you’ve already got

As the rules about social distancing get more and more stringent, it can be tempting to stock up when you duck out to the shops. But, keep in mind that the more you stockpile, the less there is for everyone else, so before making the decision to buy more, see what’s in your pantry, fridge and freezer - you may have more than a few dinners worth of ingredients already! 

5. Share your streaming services 

If you are a Netflix loyalist but your friend swears by Stan, now that you are spending more time indoors you may both become bored of your chosen streaming service. So why not share your membership and swap accounts to check out what other platforms have to offer. It is important to only give your password to people you know and trust though, and if you suspect someone is using the services without your permission to change the password or report the usage to the company’s help centre. 

6. Keep paying services that rely on you

Do you have a regular cleaner or dog walker that comes to your house every week, fortnight or month? If you can still swing it, continue paying for these services because the truth is they may be relying on you. Even if you have to reduce how often they come to your home, any sort of cash flow could really help them keep operating over the long term. 

7. Tip after delivery if you can

Ordering from your local restaurant or cafe? Tick! You’ve just completed Step One of Money Kindness - well done. But if you can, tipping your delivery driver or local restaurant (as you normally would when you dine in) is another way to help the business keep up the flow of money coming in. Generally, when you order online or via an app there is an option to tip!

8. Donate to services that need it  

Charities and services generally rely heavily on donations to get them through, so with heightened demand during this coronavirus crisis it may be more important than ever to give up a little of what you have. Services like meals on wheels, Foodbank or health charities may need your help financially, or if you can’t give them money, they may take other forms of donations such as non-perishable food items or your time as a volunteer. 

9. Join local gyms’ online classes 

Gyms have shut around the country, but that doesn’t mean you should let the body you worked so hard for deteriorate! Plenty of local gyms, yoga studios, personal and group trainers etc. all have online class options to keep you moving while you self isolate. Not only will you be helping keep yourself in shape, you are also assisting in keeping these places that rely on regular payments from their members, from going under while their doors are closed. 

10. Share your money savings success

Got a money saving tip? Share it on social media! One of the easiest ways to practice Money Kindness is through sharing your success with others. Remember most people are in the same situation here, so to help other members of your community with what you’ve learnt or experienced could really pull them through the next few months. 

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