7 apps to get you through self-isolation

It seems that with each new day comes a new major progression from the COVID-19 outbreak. From the closure of schools and businesses to the cancellation of countless mega-events across the globe, this rapidly evolving pandemic is impacting the human race on an unimaginable scale.

...This week on Keeping Up With The Coronavirus:

Life as we know it has officially changed since the Australian federal government has upped the ante and enforced a nationwide ban on all non-essential gatherings to help flatten the curve of COVID-19.

So, if you’re currently taking a time-out from the norm and are social distancing at home amid this coronavirus whirlwind, then here are 7 apps to help get you through self-isolation:

1. Make contactless payments with Beem It

Have you ever stopped and wondered about the number of germs there are living on money? They don’t call it filthy for nothin’, folks! But seriously, the number one message that’s going around about how to prevent the coronavirus from spreading any further is hand hygiene.

And when you consider the number of hands that a single $5 note passes through, right now, opting for cashless payment apps like Beem It is totally the way to go. Talk about giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘contactless payments’!

2. Make banking a breeze with an award-winning banking app

With all this extra time on your hands, now’s a great time to check in with your finances and consider whether you’re happy with your current bank. And just because you’ve been with the Commonwealth Bank since your Dollarmite days doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stay with them.

Unfortunately, loyalty isn’t always a two-way street with some banks, so don’t be afraid to make the switch if you find a better deal elsewhere! And remember, nowadays, a good banking app can be just as important as the bank account itself, so keep this in mind when comparing your options.

Bendigo Bank and Up both just won an Excellent Banking App award in the 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Banking Apps and Technology Awards, so these two could be a great place to start.

3. Track your spending with MoneyBrilliant

While you’re sorting out your banking situation, you might as well start tracking your spending while you’re at it! And if you’ve been putting it off because you don’t want to face the truth and see where all your money really goes, then you’re better off starting now while you're in self-isolation and likely spending less money than usual.

...that is, unless you’ve developed an online shopping addiction since being housebound, in which case - that's all the more reason to invest in a budget and savings app ASAP!

We suggest checking out the Money Brilliant app which recently won the Money Management App award in the 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Banking Apps and Technology.

4. WFH (Workout From Home) with SWEAT or Tammy Fit

Gyms and indoor sporting venues fall under the non-essential gatherings category. So if your gym has closed or your daily step-count has plummeted since ditching your daily commute for self-isolation then it looks like ‘WFH’ now stands for ‘Workout From Home’.

This is where fitness apps like Tammy Fit by Aussie social media influencer and businesswoman Tammy Hembrow or SWEAT by Kayla Itsines are great to ensure you still get a workout in from the comfort of your own home.

“Keeping fit is something we can all do from home,” said Tammy Hembrow, one of Australia’s biggest social media influencers and CEO of health and fitness app Tammy Fit and luxury activewear brand Saski Collection.

“Since most people are practising social distancing or self-isolating, we’ve also seen an increase in the amount of people signing up to Tammy Fit, my fitness app, which offers both at home and gym workout programs,” Tammy said.

Tammy’s top 5 mindset hacks to tackle self-isolation:

  • “Plan your week.”
  • “Take care of your health – don’t overwhelm yourself.”
  • “Forget perfection.”
  • “Allocate your time responsibly.”
  • “Enjoy small victories.”

Another popular health and fitness app is Centr by Chris Hemsworth. Not to mention, the app’s 7-day free trial period has just extended to 6 weeks, so now would be a great time to give it a go.

We’re also seeing lots of gyms and fitness instructors starting to offer online workouts via skype and other social media platforms, not to mention, there are loads of free workout videos available on YouTube that you can make use of.

5. Relax your mind with Headspace or Bloom

With so much uncertainty in the world right now and the inevitable personal challenges we’re set to face through undergoing self-isolation, it’s crucial to not only take care of your physical health but your mental health too.

Practising mindfulness or committing to a daily meditation practice is a great way to minimise stress and anxiety throughout this difficult time. Headspace and the Bloom app are just two of the many different incredible meditation and wellness apps out there that can help support you in this time.

But remember, meditation doesn’t always take place on a yoga mat. Perhaps you get that sense of mental clarity through singing or playing the guitar? Or maybe journaling or reading is more your cup of tea. What’s important is that you’re taking some time out away from the news to practice self-care.

6. Skip the queue with Hey You

Now, with the new non-essential gatherings restrictions in full force, cafes and restaurants are no longer allowed to offer dine-in services. Which means that the only way to grab a bite to eat or a barrister-made coffee is via takeaway or home delivery.

This is where food delivery apps like Uber Eats and Hey You come in handy. By pre-ordering your coffee via the Hey You app you can skip the queue and quickly swing by the counter to pick up your order when it’s ready.

Not to mention, it’s super important to support local businesses who are under threat from the current health crisis, and apps like Hey You and Uber Eats which allow you to pre-order your meal for pick-up or home delivery make this possible without you having ever having to leave your house so you can remain in self-isolation. 

7. Spruce up your space with eBay

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time at home, now’s the time to make your nest a little comfier. Whether that means a full-blown home renovation, or finally fixing that creaky door and ticking off the rest of your neverending list of things you’ve been meaning to fix around the house for years now.

Now’s also a great time to finally sort through your cupboards and toss any unwanted items that are taking up closet space. Apps like eBay and Gumtree are great for selling and buying secondhand items.

Not to mention, if you’re in the mood for redecorating, then these apps can help you score loads of bargains on antique goods or other home decor to help you spruce up your space.

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